Winter is severe and there is no electricity.. Kiev “we need electric transformers”

As bad weather presses the country, amid the destruction of several electricity sites following Russian bombing, Ukraine has appealed to allies to equip it with electricity generators, to compensate for the deficit in its network.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba stressed to a meeting of seven Nordic and Baltic foreign ministers on Monday that his country needed power transformers, as well as better air defenses to repel Russian airstrikes on energy infrastructure.

Shoot down Russian missiles

“To restore order, we need two things… we need transformers and an air defense that will allow us to shoot down Russian missiles targeting our infrastructure.

The Ukrainian minister’s remarks came as utility workers in the country scrambled to restore electricity and other services in the wake of last week’s recent Russian attacks.

“You must win the war”

Earlier, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Rainsalo stressed that Western countries should step up their support for Kiev, according to Reuters.

He added, “The strongest message of this visit is that Ukraine must win this war, and therefore Western support must be strengthened and heavy weapons must be increased without any political warning, including even long-range missiles.”

Interestingly, Russia recently launched a new strategy to target Ukrainian facilities and infrastructure, as it carried out the latest barrage of missile strikes against energy facilities on Wednesday, causing power outages. in the whole country.

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