Winter Wonderland Circus ignites the enthusiasm of the public with its thrills performance acrobatic

The international “Circus Wonderland” is one of the biggest shows attracting the public in the “Riyadh Season 2021”

In the circus, representations alternate that capture the breath of the public, while its spaces are transformed in lanes for motorbikes or ropes from which artists can descend.

The audience interacts with the comedy shows of the clowns, holding their breath with the display of fiery arrows, and their amazement increases with the graceful movements and flight of the exhibitors and their extraordinary skill, accompanied by rhythms of international music, lights and cheerful colors.

The circus tent is one of the various activities in thearea “Riyadh Wonderland” with its activities including “Dream land Carnival”, “Snow Forest”, “Magic Toy Box” for children and “Tales” of Terror Adventures “for movie-inspired experiences horror And fantasy, as well as “Winter Fair” and “Wonder Road”.

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