With $100 million Amazon plans to resume advertising on Twitter

Amazon plans to restart its Twitter ads at around $100 million a year.

With $100 million Amazon plans to resume advertising on Twitter

A company official announced that “Amazon plans to resume Twitter advertising with about $100 million annually,” adding, “We’re waiting for some security amendments to resume the company’s ads,” according to the American channel” Fox News,” on Sunday.

Apple is the Largest Advertiser on Twitter

This comes just a day after Musk announced that Apple has “fully resumed” its Twitter advertising, confirming that the company is the largest advertiser on the Twitter platform social network.

Apple is the Largest Advertiser on Twitter

Interestingly, Amazon is one of many companies that pulled ads from Twitter after the American billionaire Elon Musk acquired the platform.

Relational Tension

Musk’s relationship with Apple soured last week after he claimed Apple was threatening to block Twitter from its App Store.

However, a few days later, he met Apple CEO Tim Cook at Twitter headquarters in California to smooth things. The two reached an understanding after a “constructive conversation,” Musk said on Thursday, adding that Cook made clear Apple would not remove Twitter from the App Store.

Excellent Proofreading

The meeting came just a day before Musk traveled to Washington, DC, to meet with several Republican lawmakers soon to take over the House of Representatives.

Republican Representative Jim Jordan was among them, as he and other members of his party had pledged that big tech companies, especially social media platforms, would face great scrutiny in the new Congress.

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