With a sharp object, a woman stabbed Taiz’s most famous cardiologist

A woman severely stabbed the body of one of the most famous cardiologists with a sharp instrument on Wednesday evening in the city center of Taiz, southwest of Yemen.

A security source said a woman stabbed Dr. Sultan al-Dabai, a cardiologist, using a sharp instrument while opening her door. auto and before directing it near the Al-Hindi mosque in the Cairo neighborhood, in Taiz.

The source indicated that Doctor Al-Dabai suffered two to three stab wounds in the neck, as a result of which he fell to the ground.

He said the doctor, Al-Dabai, was hospitalized in operating room and his health conditions are critical.

According to the source, some citizens present at the scene of the incident captured the defendant and handed her over to the security authorities. She is currently being held in the CID.

On the circumstances of the crime, a local source claimed that the accused, while stabbing her, accused Dr. Al-Daba’i of killing her mother after she was operated on, and as a result she died. However, a source close to Dr. Al-Daba’i confirmed that the victim’s doctor’s last heart operation was a long time ago, describing the incident as premeditated murder, he said.

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