With ash and a wall, the green plane beats Kazakhstan in the Asian Championship

Saudi first volleyball team beat Kazakhstan 3-0 in the clash that brought them together today in the main hall of the Chiba Port Arena in the third and final round of Group D of the 21st Asian Volleyball Championship, which is currently taking place. in Japan.

The results of the three games were as follows: (25-23) (25-21) (25-23), in how much green has imposed its control during the game thanks to the crushing blows and the defensive wall that characterized its Players.

The Saudi national team player Mowaffaq Al-Mutairi confirmed that the match is difficult, but the desire and determination of his teammates led them to victory, underlining that Al-Akhdar presented himself in today’s confrontation with a beautiful technical level and there we strive to provide the best in upcoming tournaments.

The Saudi national team will compete in the 9-16 placing rounds alongside teams from Hong Kong, Thailand and Kazakhstan, where they will play Hong Kong on Thursday, and next Friday they will meet Thailand.

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