With five goals for the same … your hug tied to Al-Fateh in a dramatic and exciting match!

Teams Damak and Al-Fateh drew 5-5 in the clash that brought the two teams together at Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Sports City Stadium in Hofuf, Al-Ahsa, in the opening matches of the thirteenth round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional League – in a dramatic, insane, thrilling and fast paced match in its events and course has witnessed an abundance of goals scored by both teams and as the greatest achievement in this season so far, as each half has seen five goals scored – and one of the best games of the season.

The first half – ended with Damak advancing with three goals to two goals for Al-Fateh 3-2, where Al-Fateh took the initiative to score early in the third minute with Peruvian Cueva after a shot from Khaled Bushel, who passed a nice ball to Cueva, who played to the right of the goalkeeper – and soon Damak was readjusted by the Algerian Hilal. Soudani after an individual attempt and shot a ball to the left of goalkeeper Maxime Koval – Damak continues his attack and adds Hilal Soudani’s second goal after Mansour Hamzi’s cross from the right, playing hard to the goalkeeper’s right in the 15 ‘, and Al-Fateh returns in the 19 ‘and adjusts the result with Ali Al-Zaqaan after several passes between Cueva and Ben Dabkeh playing from under the Damkawi goalkeeper, and Damak returns to advance and adds the third goal of the Brazilian Felipe Augusto after a shot from out area which is neither blocked nor answered to the right of goalkeeper Maxim Kostav.

Your hug during this time was dangerous, especially on fast rebounds and long shots area.

The second half was as fast as the previous one by the two teams, and in the 64th minute Damk scored the fourth goal with Brazilian Migo Saktas with a shot from outside area to the right of the al-Fatah goalkeeper. by Murad Batna, bounces off goalkeeper Mustafa Zaghba and Santini completes him in net. He continues his attack and pressure from the sides and from the depth and gets a penalty kick. Al-Fateh continues his attack and pass and adds the fifth goal in the 75th minute with Firas Al-Braikan after a fine cross by Murad Patna from the right – Damak returns in match and adjusts the score and scores the fifth draw for his team and the tenth in Emilio Zelaya’s match in the 79th minute after a quick counterattack and a strong ball from outside area in light of the advance of Al-Fateh’s goalkeeper as the goal of the tie – and with this result, Al-Fateh’s balance rises to the thirteenth point in first position Asher – while Dhamk’s equilibrium has risen to the twenty-fifth point in first place, and he still stands temporarily in top of the chart.

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