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With great kindness, the Taliban ask Afghan diplomats to represent them abroad


Just a week after the Taliban invaded the capital Kabul in mid-August 2021, seizing the presidential palace and government ministries, the militant movement began appealing to Afghan embassies abroad to represent it.

Afghan diplomats revealed that some of the messages, sent by email and WhatsApp, were unusually polite and surreal for a militant movement known for carrying out suicide attacks on mosques and hospitals and for carrying out mass executions in football stadiums. during his last term in power.

Afghan consulates in the United States received simple introductory messages, while other consulates received more urgent messages, for example one of the embassies in Europe has started receiving emails from a Taliban-branded postal address asking diplomats to submit their names and work plans, according to a report by Foreign magazine. Police”.

group calls

In parallel, several WhatsApp messages and emails addressed to diplomats required teleconferences online with the interim foreign minister of the Taliban, Amir Khan Muttaki.

Several diplomats in exile read this as an indication that the movement was planning to take over consulates abroad.

“Foreign Policy” revealed that he had spoken to 12 ambassadors and diplomats who still work in Afghan embassies abroad and, according to the data obtained, no embassy has so far consented to the government of the new movement.

No to dialogue

Likewise, most diplomats preferred not to respond to the movement’s messages, and some attributed the stance of refusal of dialogue to the movement and its politics contradicting Afghanistan, which they swore to serve.

Most of the Afghan embassies overseas are still operational after the fall of Kabul in hand to the Taliban and none of them have so far succumbed to the authority of the movement, but these embassies are faced with a lack of financial resources.

Afghan embassies are currently focusing their efforts on helping Afghan refugees overseas, despite the accumulation of financial resource problems as diplomats no longer receive their salaries.

Most of the embassies are open

For his part, Safiullah Wehdat, former head of human resources at the Afghan Foreign Ministry, said that some 45 Afghan embassies and 20 Afghan consulates are still open around the world but the gap widens further with the departures of senior diplomats.

Interestingly, Afghanistan’s ambassador to the United Nations, Gholam Izakzai, resigned and told his colleagues that he no longer had a country to represent him before the international organization, according to Foreign Policy magazine in December 2021.

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