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With photos and names … You know Xi’s men who rule China

In a first of its kind, Chinese President Xi Jinping won a third term as leader of the ruling Communist Party on Sunday and formed a new Politburo Standing Committee of the Party of Those Who Owe Him Loyalty, establishing his position as the most powerful ruler in the country since the founder of the regime, Mao Zedong.

Xi assumed a third term as head of the Communist Party without naming a clear successor, a move that thwarts the party’s decades-long effort to ensure an orderly succession of leadership and prevent a return to the dictatorship. in Maoist style.

While there are a group of men surrounding the Chinese leader and his cooperation in the government, they are members of the new standing committee that will head the regime over the next five years, and below we mention the most important, according to a report by the Wall. Street Journal.

Li Qian

Li Qiang, 63, is a former collaborator senior of Xi, who has been secretary of the Communist Party of the Eastern Financial Center in Shanghai since 2017.

Lee will enter in office as prime minister in spring, as China’s second new leader.

In what was widely regarded as the Chinese president’s main protector, the promotion showed that their relationship was solid and this was highlighted in the closing of the controversial Corona dossier for two months in Shanghai.

Many in the business community see Lee as a relatively liberal party leader who likes to discuss business rather than politics.

Zhao Liji

In parallel, there is Zhao Liji, 65, who served as secretary of the Central Commission for Disciplinary Inspection, the Communist Party’s top anti-corruption supervisory body, during Xi’s second term as party leader.

Zhao took an approach in largely laissez-faire during his tenure and barely participated in investigation decisions.

Meanwhile, the Chinese president has family roots in the northern province of Shaanxi, which was the power base of Xi’s late father, the revolutionary Shi Zhongxun.

Now that he is serving his second term in the party’s top leadership, Zhao is likely in spring you become the senior official of the Chinese national legislature, the National People’s Assembly.

Wang Huning

Additionally, 67-year-old Wang Huning has been the party’s principal political theorist and a member of the Politburo Standing Committee since 2017.

A former academic, he joined the party’s principal political research office in 1995 and served as a consultant senior of three Chinese leaders, including Xi.

He is seen as a leading figure among Chinese neocons who advocate for the creation of a strong and centralized state. in able to impose stability and resist Western liberal influences.

Wang is likely to become the top official of China’s top political advisory body, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, in spring.

Tsai Chi

The fourth figure is Tsai Zhi, 66, who served as the head of the Communist Party in Beijing before joining the top leadership. He spent decades working with Xi in Fujian and Zhejiang provinces.

In 2014, he was also vice president of the National Security Commission, a nationwide agency set up by the Chinese president.

Tsai was also responsible for launching a campaign in 2017 to expel tens of thousands of people living on the outskirts of Beijing who had no local residence.

Apparently, he will deal with the party’s propaganda and censorship apparatus.

Deng Xiuxiang

The fifth is Deng Xiuxiang, 60, chief of staff of the Chinese president and a longtime collaborator.

Since 2017 he has been director of the General Office of the Central Committee, a powerful body that manages the flow of documents, programming and security for the party’s top leaders.

He often accompanies the Chinese leader on official trips and was the second youngest member of the outgoing Politburo.

While Deng spent most of his career in Shanghai as an engineer by training, working under Xi in 2007 as the head of the Municipal Party.

It is likely that in spring you become the first vice premier of China.

i shi

We conclude with the character of Li Qiye, 65, who is the new head of the Supreme Disciplinary Committee of the Communist Party.

During Xi’s second term as general secretary, Li was the party leader of Guangdong Province, the industrial center of southern China that helped fuel the country’s economic miracle.

As he began his career as the secretary of a revolutionary warrior, he had close ties to the Shi family.

His first career was in the poor provinces of Gansu and Shaanxi, where Xi’s late father served as a revolutionary leader.

Interestingly, the new Central Committee of the Communist Party, after extensive amendments, has appointed Xi Jinping, 69, for a third five-year term, which opens the way for him to be officially installed as head of state for a new term. in March 2023.

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