With the Climate Summit, China brings coal production to 12 million tons per day

China’s economic planning agency said the country increased its daily coal production to a new annual high of 11.88 million tons after Coordinated efforts to alleviate supply shortages As winter approaches, production could see a further increase.

The Asian giant’s coal consumption, a major environmental pollutant, has come under scrutiny in recent days, with countries meeting in Glasgow to discuss further measures needed to curb global warming.

Beijing, the world’s largest consumer of coal and also the largest emitter of greenhouse gases, has pledged to reduce the use of coal, but only after 2025.

“According to current production growth trends, the daily production rate is expected to soon exceed 12 million tons,” the National Development and Reform Commission said Friday.

He added Thursday’s production of 11.88 million tons was an increase from the previous day’s production of 11.2 million.

He said daily production in the largest coal-producing regions of Shanxi and Inner Mongolia increased by 220,000 tons and 420,000 tons, respectively, compared to early October.

China’s official Xinhua News Agency said on Saturday that Inner Mongolia has “spared no effort” to increase production and transportation capacity, as companies in the provinces have delivered large shipments to the main coal port of Qinhuangdao at discounted rates in the country. attempt to stabilize the market.

China has increased coal production to stem price increases as it seeks to secure sufficient winter supplies for power plants and heating service providers.

A serious energy crisis in October was attributed to increased demand, disruption of supplies and a fixed pricing system that made it impossible for power companies to pass the cost increase on to consumers.

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