With the legacy update from Dead Cells, you can play old versions of the game

The action platform Dead Cells has been updated again by the developers Motion Twin and Evil Empire to add new gameplay elements and optimize others. However, if you’re the type of Dead Cells player who resists change (or is just nostalgic for the beginnings of Dead Cells), the developers have a nice surprise for you: The Legacy Update.

The Legacy Update provides every previous “major iteration” of Dead Cells to play when you want to revisit an older version of the game.

“The legacy update is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time,” said Evil Empire and Motion Twin in an update that was posted on Steam. “As we turned to regular updates and iterations of the game, it was always annoying for us to drastically change the experience that many people had loved to learn (something that you (all of us) occasionally reminded us of). “

According to the developers, “every major iteration of the game” includes the original version of Steam Early Access “to the present day, and we will of course ensure that we have all of our future major updates in stock there too.”

“As committed to the growth and refinement of Dead Cells, we’ve heard from selected community members grieve for the loss of their favorite personal elements from previous builds,” said Joan Blachere, creative director at Evil Empire, release in a press. “Our goal with the Legacy Update is to help seasoned fans rediscover their favorite moments from Dead Cells’ extensive build archive and to show curious newcomers what led to the familiar version. To give the gift of time travel while keeping future updates available to everyone is as close to a Christmas miracle as possible. “

The update released on Monday also includes two new mutations that balance the game’s three least used weapons, as well as a Santa Claus skin that comes out in time for Christmas.

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