With this trick you will completely disappear from WhatsApp without deleting it!

Being hidden from WhatsApp is no longer impossible for those who want to avoid their friends or colleagues and take a break from chat without uninstalling or deleting the app.

The privacy features of mobile devices have allowed users to hide themselves if they wish with these simple steps.

And there are ways to exit the app without deleting it, reports Sprout Wired.

The first step

To do this, the user can go to the Applications tab and find WhatsApp.

They can then click on the messaging icon and select “Force termination”force to stop”.


Disable the data in background

Then, on the same screen, the user can tap thearea mobile data and disable the “data in background “.

This process only works when connected to mobile data and not wifi.

In turn, Sprout Wired reports that after carrying out the procedure, the user does not receive messages even when 4G is turned on.

WhatsApp (iStock)
WhatsApp (iStock)

Temporary disabling

The application can also be temporarily disabled, which can be done in the “Help” tab. help”.

It is said that the user must inform the application of the loss of their devices in So that the company can unlink the account. There is a 30 day grace period to reactivate your account.

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