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With Verizon’s New Test Drive Program, You Can Use Their Service For Free

This week, Verizon announced the beginning of a new program called Test Drive, which will give you a free 30-day trial of their network.


Any American smartphone user can get 100GB of 4G/5G data to test the Verizon network before switching to the carrier if they have an eSIM and an unlocked device. Although it doesn’t last as long, Verizon’s program is comparable to the Network Pass choice made by T-Mobile.

Verizon’s test program includes unlimited talk, text, and 100GB of data. The service is compatible with current cellular subscriptions. While streaming on LTE and 5G Nationwide is only possible in 480p quality, 4K streaming is available over 5G Ultra Wideband.


To access the free trial, users who want to try Verizon can download the My Verizon app by scanning the QR code on the Test Drive FAQ page. As previously stated, testers must have an unlocked, eSIM-capable smartphone, and they cannot already be Verizon customers. iPhones starting with the iPhone XR and later, are eSIM compatible.

Verizon offers a simple procedure for porting a number over and picking a 5G plan after the Test Drive. There is no need to cancel the trial because no credit card is needed for those who decide not to continue the service after 30 days.


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