Without the Internet and not even a battery .. WhatsApp offers a magical solution for your conversations

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that allows users to link their account to a second device and continue to send and receive messages without having to connect to their primary smartphone over the internet.

And this new feature has come in in force for users of the “WhatsApp” application, after activating the latest updates of the application on phones with “iOS” or “Android”, according to the site web “GS Marina”.

Previously, the user had to make sure their primary smartphone was still connected to the internet before they could have any conversations on computer connected to the main device.

To enable this feature, that’s still it in beta phase, all devices will be disconnected before reconnecting to the primary device. Once activated, the user will be able to chat, regardless of whether their main smartphone is connected to the Internet or not.

Connected devices will continue to receive and send messages for up to 14 days after the main smartphone connection has been disconnected.

The feature is useful if the user loses their smartphone and needs to hold on in contact with people via the app, or if your smartphone’s battery is low but you are close to a computer connected.
And there will be restrictions, for users of “iOS” devices, in how much they will not be able to delete messages and conversations from the second device.

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