Wolverine: How did the Avengers finally get Logan to join?

As Marvel’s most popular X-Man, Wolverine was once hard to imagine on any other superhero team. Logan cemented himself in the X-Men corner of the Marvel Universe, despite the many different lives he has lived over years. However, that’s all changed when Logan finally joined the Avengers in 2004.

before becoming one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Logan already had a good history with some of the Avengers and most of its members individually. In the 90’s Uncanny X-Men # 268, by Chris Claremont, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Glynis Oliver and Tom Orzechowski, for example, Wolverine’s World War II revealed history with Captain America and Black Widow. Plus, Logan had an established friendship with The Spider Woman by Carol Danvers and Jessica Drew.

However, Wolverine was never a part of of the traditional Avengers before events of “Avengers disassembled”. However, Logan finally joined an Avenger team in of 2005 New Avengers # 5, by Brian Michael Bendis, David Finch, Danny Miki, Frank D’Armata, Richard Starkings and Albert Deschesne from Comicraft, where Wolverine met the New Avengers.

After the historic Avengers team disbanded, the New Avengers brought a loser group of heroes together. After I stumbled upon in this ragtag team in the Savage Land, Wolverine helped the New Avengers against Sauron ea group of rogue SHIELD agents. Later, Iron Man offered Logan a seat on the New Avengers, despite Captain America’s initial reservations.

Tony Stark suggested that, after Scarlet Witch’s mental breakdown, the Avengers needed someone who could make tough calls and go where others couldn’t, for good of the team and the public safety. Since Logan was still recovering from hand brainwashing of Hydra and the hand, Stark also claimed that being an Avenger gave him perspective during tough times times, which helped persuade Wolverine to give be an avenger chance.

From this point forward, Wolverine had a place on both the X-Men and the New Avengers. Logan has got to fight next to traditional Avengers like Captain America and Iron Man, while also Working with Other newer members like Spider-Man and Luke Cage. Wolverine was a good in form for this team, from, like most of its members. it was a relatively more ingrained character with respect to the cosmic gods and heroes that the Avengers usually include.

by Wolverine skills they were especially useful when the New Avengers became an outlaw group following the events of “Civil war.” Logan was invaluable in fighting the Hand, Hood’s gang of super-criminals and the looming Skrull invasion. Like times it got darker for the New Avengers, Wolverine was the pragmatist that the group necessary.

Even after the Superhuman Registration Act was repealed and the New Avengers were . on the side of the law again, Wolverine remained with the group, which continued on own terms. Also, Logan joined the main Avengers team, fighting alongside heroes like Thor and cementing his place among the most powerful heroes on Earth.

The event that really cemented Wolverine’s Avenger status was, ironically, “Avengers vs. X-Men, “when Logan really took sides with the Avengers against his fellow mutants over how to best deal with the threat in I arrive of the Force of the Phoenix. This was enough big deal, considering his longtime ties to the X-Men, who Wolverine considered his family.

At the time, Cyclops and Wolverine had suffered a severe fall out. The point of conflict was also focused on the Phoenix Force, which Logan saw as nothing but trouble, while Cyclops saw it as a means of rekindling the nearly extinct mutant race. Ultimately, Wolverine stayed on the Avengers until loss of its healing factor and eventual death.

Since his resurrection, Logan hasn’t been a official Avenger, but his legacy has not been forgotten. For instance, in of 2021 Giant Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom # 1, by Nick Spencer, Roge Antonio, Carlos Gomez, Ze Carlos, Alex Sinclair and Joe Caramagna of VC, Wolverine was part of the meeting of the New Avengers, helping Spider-Man against All of from New York super- criminals. Even if he was on the main Avengers team, Logan remains a New Avenger in the heart, with the gritty. to the ground team having provided him with an ideal way to step In the world of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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