World Bank Raises Global Trade Growth Forecast for 2023 to 1.7%: Charts Show Positive Trend Ahead

The World Bank Slightly Raises Forecast for Global Trade Growth in 2023

The World Bank slightly raised its forecast for global trade growth in 2023, and the bank now expects growth of 1.7% this year.

Revised Index

According to charts released by the World Bank, the index was revised upwards by 0.1 percentage points from January 2023 expectations.

Expectations for 2024

The World Bank expects world trade to grow by 2.8 percentage points next year, 2024, 0.6 percentage points below the January 2023 estimate.

Expectations for 2025

As for 2025, the World Bank expects world trade to grow by 3%, while in the past 2022, world trade increased by 6%.


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