World Cancer Day emphasizes early diagnosis, receiving preventive vaccinations and raising awareness of their importance

World Cancer Day, which falls on February 4 each year; Encourage early diagnosis, receive preventive vaccinations and raise awareness of their importance; Where questhe year 2023 falls under the slogan ‘Closing the health gap with a view to uniting our voices and taking action’; To raise awareness and prevent people from this disease in various parts of the world. The Ministry of Health has published, on its official website, facts about the disease, which show that many types of cancer show early signs and symptoms, such as: breast, cervical, colon, rectal cancer , skin, oral cavity and some childhood cancers, and early detection makes treatment easier and improves outcomes, and when some cancers are tested, it can detect signs of infection even if the person does not show any signs or symptoms of cancer, such as: bowel, breast, cervical, colon, rectum and lung, and more than a third of cancers can be prevented.

This year, World Cancer Day aims to reduce premature deaths from NCDs by 25% by 2025, to educate communities and make them aware of cancer diseases, ways to prevent them, and to emphasize that solutions are possible and available. cancer advocacy, education and prevention; While the Kingdom pays great attention to chronic diseases; The most important of which is cancer and providing the best, safe and effective healthcare for cancer patients.

The Saudi Charitable Society for Cancer Control plays an educational and educational role by organizing a variety of events and activities in in conjunction with the worldwide celebration of World Cancer Day. Aiming to spread awareness to fight cancer and reduce its complications; While its vision comes from leadership in serving cancer patients, according to its mission to provide all social and psychological services for cancer patients as well as early diagnosis and community education; As it seeks to help support the cancer awareness and prevention program and provide support services to cancer patients.

The association focuses on supporting and encouraging scientific research to identify and identify the cause of cancer in the Kingdom and support programs for the early detection of cancer, as well as cooperate with the rest of the charities in the Kingdom who serve cancer patients to achieve the aims required by the association and support quality programs for diagnostic interventions for cancer patients, diagnostic and therapeutic programs for cancer patients and palliative care programs for cancer patients.