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World Cup 2022 .. Qatar beats the heart of the world

Doha – Ahmed Youssef: Fatima Al-Nuaimi, Executive Director of the Communication and Media Department of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy of Qatar, said hosting a World Cup-sized tournament undoubtedly attracts mixed reactions from around the world. . Al-Nuaimi stressed that “reactions to Qatar’s hosting of the international championship are mostly natural for all major events and host countries.” The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy is the Qatari institution responsible for implementing the infrastructure projects needed to host the 2022 World Cup. The Qatari official said “Qatar’s preparation for the 2022 World Cup it started in 2010 since he won the rights to host the tournament, and if anyone hears that reactions in there are many merit to the World Cup, but it is a natural thing in this regard ”. He added: “World Cup hosting in Qatar has gained a high media following, because it is the first time that the tournament has been held in the Arab world and in Middle East, in addition to the wrong image that the world has of this region which has been linked to conflicts and wars. “The World Cup takes via in Qatar on November 20 with the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador at Al Bayt Stadium in the first World Cup to be held in Middle East and the Arab world. Stereotype Al-Naimi said: “Changing the image of our region and our beloved country was one of the most important reasons for hosting the Qatar 2022 World Cup.” He added: “We have worked with all local, regional and international partners to answer all questions and have subsequently published reports to cover all the topics raised by the media international “. And he added:” We have opened the door for international institutions and news agencies to come in Qatar to personally witness the country’s readiness and directly test their perceptions. “He added:” We are delighted with our affirmation of Qatar’s ability to host important events, in particularly the first World Cup in the Arab region. “Al-Naimi added:” Qatar has demonstrated its transformation into the heart of the region’s vibrant sport and a few weeks ago we won the honor of hosting the Asian Cup, from add to the list of other tournaments we have hosted with unparalleled success. “The atmosphere of the tournament The Qatari official explained that he had prepared an integrated plan to receive players, administrators and supporters from football fans around the world. He said: “We are fully prepared to provide a unique and smooth experience for all football fans and teams participating in the tournament, according to the highest standard international “. Al-Nuaimi stressed that” the 2022 World Cup is characterized by the convergence of distances, in how much the tournament facilities and facilities are within a limited geographic scope that allows fans and players to always stay in the event location, close to stadiums and venues that will witness recreational activities. “He added:” We look forward to welcoming fans around the world with events celebrating Arabian hospitality and a wide range of entertainment options, as well as unprecedented moments with world championship competitions. ” ‘It is doubtful that the world will witness a unique version of the World Cup that will leave a lasting impact on Qatar and the entire region. ”Integrated Readiness On the readiness of the international championship support program, Fatima Al-Nuaimi said she had put in most of the World Cup strategies have been implemented, has confirmed the launch of some technical programs and the opening of some entertainment destinations has been announced. Al Nuaimi said: “All events, programs and regions will be announced later through the official channels of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy and via the Haya smart app.” He added: “We will open a number of areas for fans, in addition to the FIFA Fan Festival, such as thearea Haya at Lusail Walk, which will open its doors on the first day of the tournament, with a capacity of 3,500 fans. “And he continued:” We will also open the Qetaifan Beach Festival, organized by Unit-Y, and it will host 30,000 fans at the same time. “On accommodation and accommodation, Al Nuaimi said:” We affirm our commitment to provide all possible accommodation options for to ensure that the World Cup is a sustainable tournament accessible to all. “He added:” There will be more than 130,000 rooms available in Qatar for fans who are expected to come to the country during the 29 days of the tournament. “He continued:” This guarantees the provision of 3.64 million overnight stays in hotel, thus offering affordable and innovative options for fans, teams and sponsors in arrival within the last quarter of quest’year “. Of Arab influence, the Qatari official stressed that” the World Cup in Qatar will be the first major sporting event of its kind in the region and will direct the largest influx of sports enthusiasts to the region to introduce them to Arab culture and traditions. “In this context, he added:” From the presentation of the hosting file, they have been looking in first place to be Qatar’s vision for organizing an Arab championship and have worked through its organization, planning and implementation to portray the Arab and Qatari culture with its human, cultural and cognitive richness ”. He continued: “The tournament, in all its details, reflects the culture and nature of the region, starting from the extraordinary experience that awaits the fans, down to the smallest details in the design of the stadiums, each of which reflects the spirit of Arab and Qatari Heritage “. (Anatolia)


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