World Cup 2022: The World Health Organization relies on Qatar to manage the risks of the Covid epidemic

Geneva: The World Health Organization on Tuesday expressed confidence in the measures that the State of Qatar will take to successfully manage the risks associated with the “Covid-19” virus during the hosting of the FIFA World Cup finals at the end of quest’year. And the director of emergencies of the World Health Organization, Michael Ryan, explained that there would be no reason to believe that the risks of an outbreak of the epidemic would be higher during the organization of the World Cup next November and December than during other big events. events that happened in all safety in these last few months. “Managed and planned mass gatherings can take place in safety, “he said during a live speech on the WHO Facebook page.” As the World Health Organization, we are working closely with the Qatari authorities on this matter and, if necessary, provide them with advice on how to organize the Cup of the world in safe way. Public health authorities in Qatar has invested heavily in public health management in the context of the World Cup. “A total of two million tickets will be sold, as well as another million tickets for sponsors and FIFA. The capital of Qatar, Doha, with a population of approximately 2.4 million inhabitants, prepares for an influx of football fans from around the world to attend the finals, which will start on November 21 with the participation of 32 teams until December 18. (AFP)