World Food Program: Tens of millions of people threatened with starvation

The World Food Program has warned that more than 270 million people worldwide, mainly in Africa and the Middle East are acutely food insecure and millions are threatened with starvation, so die Voice of America website.

The number of people at immediate risk of famine rose from 34 million last year to 41 million in this year, says die UN agency.

The World Food Program spokesman warned that in in the Ethiopian region of Tigray, Madagascar, Yemen, in addition to South Sudan, more than half a million people are already confronted with famine-like conditions.

World Food Program: Tens of millions of people threatened with starvation

Yemen is hungry

For his part, the High Commissioner for Refugees said that die Number of people die through wars and crises in in the world have doubled to over 82 million within a decade.

It is thrown into the vortex of repression by wars at times and global crises at other times, and the circle and spiral expand exponentially.

According to official data from the United Nations exceeded die Number of displaced persons in ten years 82 million what die United Nations considered a record, despite the corona pandemic, die die Borders between the countries closed and die UN demanded a ceasefire, conflict continued die Displacement of many.

And it seems that COVID-19 had no impact on some of the main causes die Driving people to flee. War, violence and discrimination are conditions die persist throughout the pandemic.

Hence the twentieth report represents a new increase. We have increased by three million from seventy-nine million five hundred thousand refugees and displaced persons in the previous report to eighty-two million four hundred thousand million this time.

But according to the United Nations, that increase has doubled over an entire decade to hit that number.

Forty-two percent of the displaced are young, while the UNHCR estimates that around one million children between 2000 and 18-20 were born as refugees.

The fights in Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen and Afghanistan have, according to the UN report, last year die Number of displaced people increased by more than a million people.

In this regard called die United Nations die World leaders to resolve their differences and put an end to the selfish political approach of these countries to die curb conflict-related displacement.

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