World Hearing Day: Understanding the Causes of Hearing Loss According to Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist Dr. Anastasia Trapani

Understanding the Causes of Hearing Loss: Insights from Dr. Anastasia Trapani

Today, May 31st, is World Hearing Day. On this occasion, Dr. Anastasia Trapani, a specialist in ear, nose and cameras, revealed the causes of hearing loss.

The Different Causes of Hearing Loss

In an interview with the Izvestia newspaper, the specialist pointed out that there are many and different causes of hearing loss, for example, in children this problem occurs due to polyps, and in adults due to colds.

She says: “Adenoids are often the cause of hearing loss in children, as their enlargement leads to recurrent exudative otitis media with hearing impairment. In adults, with a runny nose and severe nasal congestion, there is a feeling of stuffiness in the nasal cavity with the message of the ear cavity with the nasal cavity through the Eustachian tube.

Preventing Hearing Loss

According to her, the prevention of hearing loss should start from childhood. The main rule for parents is to contact an otolaryngologist in a timely manner, examine the nasopharynx and prescribe the appropriate treatment for otitis media to preserve the hearing of their child. As for adults, they should not listen to loud music and vibrations, avoid pressure fluctuations, and do not use cotton buds to clean their ears. And if you feel hearing loss, pain or discharge in the ear canal, you should immediately contact a specialist doctor.

The Effects of Prolonged Headphone Use and Listening to Loud Music

The specialist points out that prolonged use of headphones and listening to loud music leads to consumption of the audio analyzer due to insufficient air entering the ear, which leads to poor self-cleaning of the ear and increased humidity, which negatively affects the microflora. reproduction.

She says: “This causes itching in the ears and a buildup of wax in the form of clots, which the person often tries to remove on their own. As a result, this pushes the sulfur masses deeper, which leads to the formation of plugs, or they mechanically damage the skin of the external auditory canal, which causes inflammation.” .outer ear.

Different Mechanisms of Hearing Loss

According to her, various diseases can lead to hearing loss. But there are two different mechanisms – a violation of voice conduction and a violation of sound perception. The first mechanism is associated with various diseases affecting the structures of the middle ear (otitis media, otosclerosis). The second – in the presence of a violation at the level of nervous structures, such as the inner ear, auditory nerve and the same area in the cerebral cortex. One such disease is sensorineural hearing loss.

The Importance of Early Detection and Treatment

She says: “Unfortunately, it is not always possible to reduce the level of hearing, because the effectiveness of treatment depends on the speed with which the diagnosis is made and the correct treatment is started. In some cases, doctors can only stop hearing loss. losses or slow it down as much as possible, but cannot return to its previous level. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention. Look out for hearing loss and seek medical attention early before it’s too late.”


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