World Leagues Forum “strongly opposed” plans for the biennial World Cup

BERLIN: The World Leagues Forum, which represents professional football associations, has joined forces against proposals to organize the World Cup every two years because “it would weaken the historical and traditional values ​​of a competition that means so much to fans and players”. The Forum announced in a statement today, Wednesday, that FIFA “cannot transform something exceptional in a family event simply to serve one’s short-term interests. “” Having the World Cup every two years will negatively disrupt the football economy and undermine the well-being of players on an already overloaded agenda, “the forum added. FIFA is leading one studio of feasibility for the proposal put forward by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to hold the World Cup finals every two years instead of four years, while the European Union for Play (UEFA) strongly opposed the proposal. Meanwhile, the German Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, has refused to dwell on a proposal that seems to see the World Cup clash with the Olympics from 2028. in then. “We are following the discussions and we find them very interesting,” Bach said. For his part, the Swiss Gianni Infantino, FIFA president, said that the consultation process, led by former French Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, could be concluded by the end of quest’year. “It’s about democracy: the new FIFA is a democratic organization and we respect all voices because it is important to listen to all voices to make a decision and move forward,” said Infantino. in a note. “The current match schedule shows us that we have reached limits,” he added, referring to players who travel the world for short international periods. “This global process is comprehensive and comprehensive and is a sign of FIFA’s respect for the whole world,” Infantino emphasized. We hope to finish it by the end of quest’year in so that we can look to the future, as the current international (men’s) schedule ends in 2024. “Interestingly, the next World Cup, hosted by Qatar next year, will be the last with 32 teams participating, before that 48 countries participate in the 2026 edition, to be held in the United States, in Canada and in Mexico. (Dpa)

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