World War II introduces the explosive new special zombie: the bomber


  • Our next update includes the long-awaited Horde Mode Z and a special zombie: the bomber
  • The bomber is the unfortunate result of a military destruction expert eaten by a zombie
  • This new rare encounter requires quick team thinking and communication

Hello everybody!

World War Z This game was released in April this year. Since then, it’s been a pleasure to regularly release updates and add new maps, game modes, weapons, skills, cosmetics, and more. Our next update is expected to appear in December. It includes the long-awaited Horde Mode Z and a brand new special zombie that we want to unveil as a bomber today.

The bomber is the unfortunate result of one
Military destruction expert eaten by a zombie. These new and
Fleeting undead are a special zombie special, not only
They introduce new gameplay – they also increase the stakes, with the possibility
of additional loot!

To avoid blowing up the bomber and others
With the chance of life-saving prey, you have to take this zombie with you operationally
by shooting at the safe places on the body, such as B. the legs. Taken safely
At the bottom, the time bombs attached to the body can be quickly defused, which is worthwhile
You with valuable loot.

This new rare encounter will quickly demand
Team thinking and communication, at least for those of you who want it
big guns and that juicy payoff.

We hope you enjoyed this preview of the zombie bomber. World War Z is now available for Xbox One in the Microsoft Store and with the Xbox Game Pass. The new update will be released on December 17th.

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