worries in Tunisia because of the corona outbreak … and the slogan “Leave” in the face of Al-Mashichi

Angry Tunisian citizens met their country’s Prime Minister, Hisham Al-Mashichi, on his visit this Saturday in the vaccination centers in the city of Nador in the northern Zaghouan governorate.

This was in protest against die deteriorating health and failure of the authorities to contain the coronavirus from which thousands of Tunisians have died.

In addition, videos showed die in It was reported on social media that dozens of citizens gathered in the city center and shouted Al-Mushishi in the face as soon as he arrived, forcing the prime minister to withdraw and leave the place. amid strict security reinforcements.

Al-Mashishi’s government and its parliamentary belt, led by the Ennahda movement, face accusations from popular and political circles that die To manage the corona crisis incorrectly and not address it die Top of their priorities.

No response to die epidemic

She is also criticized for failing to die Protecting the health of Tunisians and developing rescue plans in return for preoccupying them with political clashes amid mounting demands for their resignation and even a trial after thousands of victims fell through their politics in the face of the crisis.

Experienced Tunisia in this time an unprecedented health crisis, die upset the daily life of Tunisians after die Coronavirus infections have risen rapidly across the country.

Great pressure on the health sector

At the same time, the rise in the number of victims is putting great pressure on and on medical supplies die created public hospitals with overburdened infrastructure.

Notably, Tunisia posted alarming records in the number of deaths and infections with the virus a week ago, reaching more than 5,600 infections and 317 deaths yesterday.

The total number of infections reached more than half a million injured and 18,686 dead, amid mounting fears that die Health authorities are unable to combat the outbreak of the epidemic, and given the events recorded, a disastrous scenario for die Health crisis will emerge Slow vaccination adoption, as only 7% of the country’s population was fully vaccinated.

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