Wound in a train accident in Slovakia

Several people were injured when a passenger train collided with a locomotive in Slovakia.

According to the estimates of “Tv Marchesa”, at least 50 people were injured on Friday evening, and the channel had indicated in previously that the number of injured was not less than 100.

The Bratislava Ministry of Transport and the state railway company confirmed the incident to the Slovakian news agency TASR.

The ministry said the train stopped due to a malfunction and was hit by the oncoming locomotive in his help, but did not provide any information on the number of injured or dead.

Sui social mediathe police urged drivers to avoid approaching the crash site near the Strykno municipality in northern Slovakia to facilitate the arrival of fire and rescue vehicles.

The Transport Ministry said Transport Minister Andre Dolezal was on his way to the site near a major railway junction.

There, railways meet from within the country to the capital, Bratislava, as well as those to the Czech Republic.