Wound in clashes between Chinese and Indian forces in Himalayas

Chinese and Indian soldiers were injured in new clashes between the two armies that took place last Friday on the disputed border in Himalayas, according to a source close to the Indian military.

An Indian source said the clashes resulted in “some people on both sides injured with minor injuries”, while a military source confirmed that at least 6 Indian soldiers were injured. The two sources confirmed that Chinese soldiers approached thearea next to the “Line of Actual Control” which forms the de facto border, where it was agreed that neither side would patrol.

The first source said Indian soldiers responded in “firm manner”, adding that after the clash “(the two sides) immediately withdrew from thearea”. Tension has raged between the two countries since clashes between Indian and Chinese forces in June 2020 in the Galwan Valley in the Ladakh region bordering the Chinese-controlled Tibetan Plateau.

At the time, 20 Indian soldiers were killed and China suffered an unknown number of casualties, and the two sides bolstered their military presence and moved men, weapons and supplies into thearea of the high desert. India and China share an unmarked 3,800km border and their forces have previously joined long-standing agreements to avoid the use of firearms along the de facto border known as the Line of Effective Control. War broke out between China and India in 1962 over the long disputed border between them.

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