Wounded as Dutch police open fire during a demonstration against the Crown measures

Dutch police fired warning shots on Friday after riots broke out in the coastal city of Rotterdam during demonstrations against a partial closure due to Covid, which left an unknown number of injuries, local police said.

Police also used water cannons to disperse protesters who set fires and fireworks in one of the main streets in Rotterdam, a week before the partial closure decision came in in force.

Rotterdam police said in a note: “A demonstration that took place tonight at eight in thearea of Colsignal led to riots, as fires were started in several points and fireworks were fired, forcing the police to fire several warning shots. “

“There are injuries associated with these blows,” the note added.

The busy main train station in Rotterdam has been closed due to the riots.

And last week, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced the re-imposition of a series of health restrictions, in particularly in the catering sector, to counter the increase record of Corona injuries.

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