WTC final: Dinesh Karthik supports Cheteshwar Pujara terms strike rate as absolute nonsense in Test cricket

Karthik – who recently started his stint as a commentator also – speak on a Twitter Spaces session organized by Star Sports – took Reference from former India opener Aakash Chopra’s point to explain his point of view.

“To touch Aakash Chopra’s point. Whatever he said was what I thought was perfect one of those people who was die supporter of Pujara for a long time. And I feel this strike rate is absolute nonsense. If you die Take number of exam matches die got over in four days – it’s about 80-82%. So why yourself die Bother to strike? rate, let the guy play at every strike rate he wants playas long as he can win exam matches for India.

“Well, Pujara, why didn’t he hit? runs? You have to understand if you die take last match, he was playing against Ranking turner where die team found it hard to score 200 runs and expect pujara score 100 is unfair. We have played on some tough conditions die you can’t always ask up Justify numbers how well a guy is playing. “

Karthik – who played 26 tests, 94 ODIs and 32 T20Is for India – added continued: “If you do this Sydney test – absolutely like what aakash just said – die number of that he blows just took. Pat Cummins spoke to me about it in IPL – says the difference between India pulling the test match and it was to be lost one Man, Cheteshwar Pujara. The amount of Time, die he hit, he gave him body Blows. If you had bet of die other Indian batsmen at this point of the day, early on if it is a little of Juice, they would have fought. There was a good chance we would have surrendered on The game. To the us not to overcome this hurdle, to get to Brisbane unscathed, die reason was pujara in a big way. We can sit down and say, oh, he doesn’t have a 100. It doesn’t matter.

“We know its caliber, us know its quality, its ability to play along inning. I have no doubt that Pujara is a kingpin for us in exam cricket and we don’t need to be busy in Numbers to get 100+ runs. By the way, Virat Kohli is also someone who has received big metric tons over a period of Time. It doesn’t matter we know the caliber, we know die quality of players, we just need to give you die support you need if they don’t get those 100s because as much as we sit down here and talk on Twitter about them, they are a lot tougher on individually because they tried it themselves way you play the sport and for if they get a hundred it will mean a lot, “said the Tamil Nadu cricketer added Furthermore.

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