WTC final: India vs New Zealand: Exciting too play against India in a neutral place, says Kane Williamson

New Zealand had drawn the first against England at Lord’s on Sunday (June 6th) and they will play the second and final Test at Edgbaston from June 10th before moving to Hampshire Bowl.

“It (WTC finals) is something new and different. You tried to effect more Context to the test format and I think we saw it in the end of the competition, teams try to move their case forward for qualifying Which made way for much of exciting results.

“We saw in Australia, in New Zealand, a lot of teams had a chance get through. I thought it was proven great add this context and for us to see ourselves in die Position, die we are in now the finale. It is exciting. We look forward about this when we take on the top spot side in the world. We know how strong they are and die Depth, die They have. To be so exciting playing against each other in a neutral place, “Williamson was quoted by the ICC as saying.

On playing against Virat Kohli, Williamson said, “Yeah, hard Case. We have played over the years against each other in so many different levels and competitions and know each other pretty well. It will also be pretty cool by foot out there, do that toss and have a little of Contact in the first Final of the test world championship. “

The kiwi skipper knew of die Indian threat bowling attack posing. “Yes, they have a fantastic one attack. Brilliant, obviously a brilliant side. We have consistently too die Seen depth, die they have, we have certainly seen that in Australia as well. Much of Strengthen in you fast bowling and spin Department.

“So yeah, a brilliant one side, properly classified up die Great, that’s fair enough and an exciting opportunity for us be involved in the final to take on the best, “he signed off.

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