WTC final: interesting facts about Hanuma Vihari’s duke’s hair ball challenge

To have last played in the Sydney test before its use in the county Vihari believes that die Dukes as opposed to the Kookaburra ball (in Australia) has something to offer bowlers all day long.

“The kookaburra is going to be soft in Australia after a while. But die Dukes do something all day – off the wicket or in the air. There is always something for die Bowler and that is die key challenge. When I came to England in April, it was pretty cold. Even if you think you are set, You may still be surprised at the movement.

“Like when I got out in my 30s against Essex where I thought that wicket was quiet good to bat onbut the strange thing ball did something because of the hard seam on die Dukes, “he told ESPNcricinfo.

On his test debut in the oval in India skipper Virat Kohli gave him tips in 2018 on facing die likes of Stuart Broad and James Anderson. Vihari says while they were invaluable at this point, his trigger Has movement changed over Time. “Mine at this point trigger Movements were different from now. I was young and playing my first game. I was moving more than I would have liked back then. My trigger Movements were so far that what he said was mine half, deal with it with die just delivery better.

“Those clues helped and I ended up Rating runs and batting comfortable. But now I feel like I’m squat up to face the outswinger and inswinger decent. Now mine game is a lot more in Control. I know what my trigger Movements are, “he said.

Vihari repeated that the greatest challenge of batting in England is facing die Dukes as bowler thinks in the game at all times. “Definitely, that is die challenge Here. The overhead conditions play also a part, because when it’s sunny it gets a little bit easier to batbut when it’s cloudy ball moves all day. That was die challenge I faced early on in this season of district cricket – because it was pretty cold and die ball did a lot off the wicket. “

He faced fast three overs by Stuart Broad and was sacked for a 23-ball Duck. Asked how the pacemaker got better of Vihari told him: “I thought it would be full enough for me too drive, but again, in You have to be absolutely sure about England with your shot selection. You can get away in India with a push, or even if it’s not there drive, you can still leave on the up. If I play The ball a second Time i would try play so late possible.

“But after that it was just my first innings in district cricket. I learned that I do should play much later. By doing second match, against Essex, I’m 30 and 50. Essex is the defense attorney champions and have a decent one bowling attack with Peter Siddle and Simon Harmer. I thought I hit well, but I did should got it in rebuilt a larger one score. “

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