WTC finals: I arrived here because of Criticism, says Ajinkya Rahane

Despite its bubble-hot-bubble-cold shape over the last Years, India’s test runner-upcaptain with 1095 runs in 17th games is team’s top scorer in die Two-year World test cycle leading to the final against New Zealand.

“It feels special“Rahane said of the emergence as top scorer.

But what about the flak die he has faced because of poor run of scores?

“I am happy to accept criticism. I have a feeling that it is because of die I am criticizing here. I always want to give my best if people criticize me or not.

“For me it is important give my best for my country and contribute to it every time, be it as a batsman or as a fielder, “Rahane, who played massively role as a skipper during epic series against Australia said.

After playing test cricket for more than eight years, Rahane knows that public Opinion is fickle and at best left alone with focus on controllable.

“I don’t really think about criticism. If people criticize me, this is your thing and that is your job. I can’t control all of these things. For me, I always focus on controllable, mine best foot forward, Work hard and after my trial and the result follows. “

Rahane feels that even when he does scores 40 and it comes in handy for the team’s cause, he is more than happy.

“I will be playing my natural game. Winning is really important whether I am score a hundred or not. Not me want applying too much pressure on myself and even if my 30 or 40 are valuable for the team, I’m happy.”

The Indian Vicecaptain in 2019 had played for the county of Hampshire and has a better idea of ​​the land it is on also played two tests in 2014 and 18, both of die die Lost visitors.

“I like be in the gift. I know die Requirements. It’s about being in the moment and adapts to the conditions. I am that too highest Goalscorer doesn’t matter now. It is past. I just Not want make additional pressure and would want to play free, “said Rahane, who has three hundred and six fifties in this opening cycle of WTC.

For Rahane this is the WTC final is just Another game and his mentalup is such that he doesn’t think of it as the greatest event.

“It is just a mental thing. If we can switch mentally and adapt, it’s important. Yes one off, we have to take it as something else game not as final or anything. We just want to give our best, play good cricket, to be consequent in die five days.”

The likes of Rishabh Pant and Shubman Gill will be playing the biggest match of their short careers, but Rahane thinks it is better to let them go play their fearless brand of cricket with a tidy mind.

“Personally, I’m not telling you anything. You know you game-to plan. It’s about giving them freedom, supporting them, believing in you abilities. We are not want of any kind of Confusion.”

How it was with Rahane over die umpteen media Interactions, he dead- Concentrated questions on team Combination gives practically nothing for free.

“We still have to decide on our combination. We still have two practice Meetings left. “

When signing off, he admitted that in to order win die World Test Championship, must die Take batter up additional responsibility.

“Battern play a key role in England. The bowlers get a lot of help over here and we have a big Responsibility. Everyone has something different game-to plan. It’s about supporting you game-to plan. We will take up die Responsibility as batting Unity and try die team’s goal. “

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