WTC finals: ICC features 10 legends from different eras in die ICC hall of Fame on Sunday

Ten legends of the game who to have made an essential contribution to history of exam cricket is introduced join 93 players who are already in the illustrious list of ICC hall of Farmers.

The special Recording will see two players of each of die following five eras join The ranks of the world is greatest players.

Early cricket era (before 1918) Interwar cricket era (1918-1945) Postwar cricket era (1946-1970) ODI era (1971-1995) Modern cricket era (1996-2016).

“It is a honor for us announce one-Time introduction of ten cricket sizes in die ICC hall of Fame must coincide with the first ever final of die World test championship in Southampton, “said incumbent ICC boss Geoff Allardice.

“We are celebrating die history of the game and what’s better way than to honor some of die Huge, die that founded and played game across different eras. These are all players with a legacy that will continue to inspire future generations for Years to come, “he added.

The special Edition ICC Halle of Fame show is streamed live on all ICC digital Channels including Facebook and YouTube on Sunday (June 13th) with interviews of the initiated and reactions and insights from a specialist panel of Guests, who become also Be joined as a couple special Initiates make theirs way think that’s very good league of Legends.

The ten icons introduced as part of these special Issue was voted on for from the ICC hall of Fame Voting Academy, consisting of of Living hall of Fame members, a FICA representative, prominent cricket Journalists and senior ICC numbers.

The ICC’s independent statistician will draw up a long list of former players or other major cricket figures for each era (based on the period in which they had their greatest effect) and become in presented in the hall of Nomination Committee for Fame, together with relevant statistics and short comments.

The results give a weighted score, against which one die two best people in any era will in die ICC hall added of Fame. By doing event of a tie, die players with the most first-Choice votes will take precedence. The ten selected names are officially introduced by way of a digital show on ICC digital Channels.

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