WTC finals: India has set Bar very high, will be a tough opponent says Ross Taylor

“You go through die indian lineup, all world-Class players all through and whatever side they choose to go with, They will go out something world-Class players also. We know whatever XI we face is going to be very tough, “said Taylor during one virtual Press conference.

“India was a world number 1 side and you have die The bar was kept very high for a long time of Time everyone in the world had to catch up too and I don’t see any difference, yes we had a couple of Tests here though playing India in home, Away or neutral venue will be tough opponents. “

Taylor said India had a “balanced” side and its depth was amazing. “

“India was a fantastic one side for a long time of Time, not only die Doughs, rather also die Bowler. you won against Australia during one home Summer it was great to see … “he said.

“They had a lot of success over here also. I am sure in your warmup games and bowling In the netsthat they would have enjoyed the rocking and hopping that the Duke did ball has.

“… I am sure your warmup game would have been a lot like playing a test match. “

While India didn’t get any game Time, New Zealand aligned up for the WTC final with a rare test win in England during a two-match series. Taylor described it as “ideal preparation”.

“It’s an ideal preparation with two tests against England in We are very much like these conditions lucky to get these two theses matches and obviously die guys have some match preparation in these conditions, can not think of nothing better, “he said.

“Play England in these conditions were a great Test, we learned a lot, but how with everything in cricketwhatever you do first, you have to do it well and die team that brings die best foot forward will stay seated for a long time out in what is hopefully a great series. “

“… all of New Zealand side is excited and off we go great Occasion to be playing against India who has been world no 1 for 5-6 years. You really will hard Resistance against play against but at the same time we are looking forward to.”

Asked if New Zealand would be invited for longer test series after their achievement of reach the WTC final, Taylor said, “As players, we love playing exam cricket and we would like that play three-match series but if there was a difference between playing a white one ball series and playing just two-test series, we definitely take two-test series, It’s better than nothing.

“It is a moving base world cricket at the moment with COVID and quarantines and bubbles and things like This is also realistic, with a 3 or 4 match series, I never played one of You.

“I can’t see it happening in future but hopefully we can play more three-match series to test ourselves.”

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