WTC finals: India, New Zealand are even, expect a close test: Coney

It’s hard to say which one team has an advantage. Both India and New Zealand have a number of match-Winners too. Former kiwis captain Jeremy Coney says so much and terms the WTC finals as battle between equals in this chat with MyKhel.

“You (India and New Zealand) are very exciting and talented teams. If you look at the ICC rankings, they’re # 1 and # 2 and that and that shows the progress these teams to have made in the last few years. By doing last exam series, New Zealand had beaten India (in New Zealand in Early 2020) but past has little meaning in cricket. This (WTC finals) is a new match and it is played in a neutral place, so it is difficult pick a winner. I think, die result will depend on one or two match-Turning performance and both die teams have a number of players who can produce that “, says Coney.

Does he have candidates? in understanding for such a performance? “I think India will be very deserted on Jasprite Bumra. He’s a class regardless of the format. I rate he as one of the best bowler in die presence cricket. He’s got this unorthodox act die makes him a difficult bowler pick. Bumrah can block that runs, Build up pressure on Batsmen. The pressure leads to wickets, Not just for him, but also other bowlers can feed on the pressure it creates. India also has a very experienced bowler in (Ravichandran) Ashwin. He’s got a great test record and he could work hard of print on Batsman, ”he said.

“Then we have Virat Kohli. The Indian captainSpeak’s records for his ability and dedication. “Kohli is going through a valley bottom of late with his last international a hundred come in Late 2019 against Bangladesh. However, Coney didn’t read much into it.

“Yeah, he may not have shot many runs of late. But I would like to use this cliché – class is permanent. A batsman like Kohli can get back in his run-Make paths at any time and many times it’s all about getting one good knock and everything will turn. Who knows the WTC finals is a big Occasion and Kohli is a big-match player. He loves die Not big Opportunities? If you don’t count it just because of the most recent flaw of big runs, then you can just let yourself be surprised.”

The former New Zealand captain said the current kiwi side was not far behind India in terms of quality of players. “Several times, die NZ players go under the radar. By doing last 2-3 years, they have produced a few good exam match cricket and under Kane Williamson they blossom into a top side and their presence in the WTC final is a deserved one reward for their consistency.

“You are already in England and are playing a test series against England, and that’s a great one build-up to the WTC finale. I am not saying that they will be safe edge because of it (tests against England) but it will give You a lot more Trust goes in a big match. (Devon) Conway does a little of history out there isn’t it? This is me sure, become reduce die load on Williamson.

“But what a great act he is, Williamson. He’s certainly a top batsman.” of modern times along with Kohli, (Steve) Smith and (Joe) Root. He is like that sure in the fold, and its rear foot play special is a treat watch. As a captain he has also often led from the front, taken from the right decisions, we have a wonderful statesman. He becomes a key Factor.”

Coney also touched the New Zealand bowling attack led by Trent Boult, something he said would be play a big role in the WTC finals. “Boult is not playing this test (at Lord’s against England), right? I hope he comes back soon and his presence is important for New Zealand against India. He is a game- Changer and gets this often big wickets. (Tim) Southee is an experienced one too player and has a good record against Kohli in exam cricket. Kyle Jamieson is an exciting talent, hopefully he will be there for Long for New Zealand cricket.

“I’m not sure of the weather template in England during the WTC finals but when it does remains cold and gloomy, then come die Kiwi bowler into play play. They are very good in the swing, and that can do that match Interesting. But I think that’s true for something of also die Indian bowler. Let’s hope for good, five days of exam cricket, “he signed off.

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