WTC finals: India, New Zealand pretty even, but die Conditions could favor black caps says lee

India and New Zealand will be fight it out from June 18th in the tent fight for die die Indians landed in England on Thursday (June 3rd). New Zealand, on on the other hand, compete in a two test series against Host England right now.

“… I think it’s pretty even there. I think so with the experience of New Zealand because they bowle in similar conditions back home… “, Lee told the ICC official website.

“… it can be conducive to fast bowling, Swings bowling. So I think that die Kiwis could benefit from this alone fact.

“Now from a batting Point of viewboth sides have batsmen die can play against swing bowling. But I think it’s coming down to bowling. I think whatever team Bowls best become win the final. “

An interesting subplot of Become the clash die different styles of Captain Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson will bring to the table. Lee said it would be interesting battle.

“Kane is a lot more conservative without being boring. He has a great cricket Brain. I admire his level of Quiet. He is a conservative captain, but attacks if he has to. Because he is patient, and it works for he and his team,” the pace great said.

“… and you look at Kohli, he is more of an aggressive one captain. There is no right or wrong answer to all of this one because I played under captains who are conservative and captains who are too aggressive.

“But that will be a great Opportunity to see which ones one comes out on great because they are different. So yes, it will be exciting to see who comes out on he said.

The players are quite familiar with each other thanks to the IPL.

Asked if die Friendship was forged in the IPL, like the one between Mumbai Indians teammates Trent Boult and Jasprit Bumrah, could have a meaning on die intensity of of the competition, Lee declined the proposal.

“If you get out there is war. It is a battle, and you’re playing for your country. That won’t change. “

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