WTC finals: New Zealander Jamieson is happy die To keep things in balance against Indian quality side

Indian prelude Rohit Sharma (34.) off 68) and Shubman Gill (28.) off 64) showed remarkable application against the moving ball to share a 62-run Was standing.

However, New Zealand could take three wickets In front bad light brought an early end to day two. The opening day was washed out.

“It was a good Day for exam cricket, die Disturbance probably not help the momentum we had at that point of Time “, Jamieson, who took one wicketsaid while a virtual Press conference.

“They played really well, they put away bad Balls and they were patient outside offour plan was to stay die Restricting things and we got three important ones wickets also.



“It was crucial to try to get balls in reasonable areas for long periods of time, how We’ve been doing this all day after they started off well it was pretty enjoyable die to keep things in die Balance.”

Jamieson said India was “a quality line” up from 1 to 11 “.

“There is a reason why are you one of die top teams in the world for a long time of Time. To the us, it was about, die ball in die right areas and I think we succeeded for for the most part and take that confidence tomorrow, “he said.

Indian batting coach Vikram Rathour said that a first innings score of 250-plus brings India in a fighting stance.

When asked for his opinion, Jamieson said: “We certainly haven’t talked about a number, I think there is a way score runs As a batting Unit and there are still some help with the ball moving around and hem.

“The Indian batsmen showed that you are patient, There is runs Get ripped off. So whether 250 a. is good score, just die Time can tell. “

Jamieson said his team was “in the situation, die ball in challenging areas for long time.”

“You look at hers lineup, die do you expect guys to do well they have good Records and they did special Things around die world. You put something away bad ball, they were in the situation score free, ”he said.

“You definitely played well in first hours. We tried to wiggle ball a little and stay guys busy, engaged. It’s a part of our arsenal, there weren’t any set plans how we want operate afterwards first Hour.”

With the New Zealand pacemakers bowling in tandem, the Indian opening duo of Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill tried to come down die Stretch sometimes.

“It was an interesting one one, it’s not something we probably expected a huge one amount“Said Jamieson.

“My opinion was that they were uncomfortable walking where I was bowling in die Wrinkle, also I tried to take a positive view of it.

“The more they felt they had to move in order to throw us off, we could just hanging in there and it sorted of Can get dividends.

Gill had suffered a bad blow off Jamieson during the second Day and the kiwi pacemaker said he was just glad the batsman was doing well.

“It’s not nice to see someone get hurt and see physios run on, it was like this good to see that he’s fine. “

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