WTC finals: Southampton is piping hot and awaits both Ashwin and Jadeja play, says Gavaskar

Gavaskar is part of the match’s comment panel and is currently in Southampton with first-Hand knowledge of the place and die conditions for the match from June 18th.

“It’s piping hot in Southampton over the last a few days so that the place is definitely dry and help spin as die match progresses, also yes, both Ashwin and Jadeja will play”Gavaskar told PTI in an exclusive interview.

It is not for Gavaskar just bowling but everything-round abilities The give India die Art of balance them need in go to a marquee match like these.

“That (Ashwin and Jadeja together) also gives depth batting as well as give a fine balance to the bowling attack. For die series later (vs England) will depend a lot on it on the weather and space. “

While New Zealand will be on cheers for hers series win against England, Gavaskar doesn’t believe the Indian team is also not well prepared just because it didn’t get any practice matches.

“(In todays tours There are hardly any one or two practice games before the test series begins and the Indian team has had intra-squad matches also did they have that practice.

“The team is a good mixture of Youth and experience and die most of the players was already several in England times so that you know die Conditions and what to expect, “said the former India captain.

Ashwin is expected play an important role with his experience. Gavaskar thinks it is equally fascinating to see the Tamil Nadu tweaker experience how it was playing next to Erapalli Prasanna and also have seen another match-winner Harbhajan Singh in Action.

“They are all great bowlers. Prasanna is called the crafty fox because he was so wonderful ability to trick die Batsmen in playing bad Shots. Except to varying degrees of off-spin, he had a deceptive floater where he bowled batsmen clean or caught slipping with the ball that went straight through.

“Harbhajan has die same clever variations and he had die Doosra, die often quite sharp from leg to. went off with little noticeable change in Action. Wonderful bowler. “

“Ashwin has all these pluses, die he has added the flicker or carrom ball and is brave enough to actually bowl a leg spinner to fox the batsman. “

But what sets this champion bowler apart from others is hers big Hearts during facing world Great racket.

“I had the privilege play with Prasanna and I are fortunate to be able to watch Harbhajan and Ashwin win matches for India.”

over die Years in England, save skipper Virat Kohli, who dominated die English absolutely bowling during the 2018 tour, odd hundreds of Ajinkya Rahane, Murali Vijay (both in 2014) or Cheteshwar Pujara (2018) were indicators die are consistent success in conducive conditions seam and momentum is missing.

What is Kohli doing special across conditions?

“The influence of one-Day cricket would have made some batsmen play the ball on the rise or through die Lead, as it is called. Most times, they come away where die ball Not move but in England where it is moves, it is important to be closer to die ball,” he said.

Play”on the rise”or” through die Line” in Cricket language means when a batsman makes contact with the ball before it even reached the top of its bounce.

“Virat Kohli is playing die Hardly any line through on flat pitches and he plays late to cover every movement off the place and therefore it is successful on all kinds of Surfaces.

“In the last series against England in He didn’t get India century but its 60 odd in Chennai was a wonderful exhibition on how to play spin bowling. He smelled die ball and that’s the trademark of all great Batsmen, “said the Master Batsman.

Gavaskar is also confident that Rohit Sharma in will be able to deliver its 2019 whiteball form in England and die century He scored in hard conditions in Southampton against South Africa in die World Championship opener would give trust him.

“We saw Rohit Sharma saw score five incredible hundreds in die World Championship in England two years back.

“The century he got against South Africa was on a hard playing field and cold conditions and him made die Adjustments nice. Now two years later he’s even more Experienced, also don’t be surprised if he repeats that performance in these series also.”

To the one of die most respected voices in world cricket, the emergence of Rishabh Pant as pure match-winner in 6th place has Indian. given team a chance check out various bowling options dependent on Conditions.

“Rishabh Pant just got better in shot selection as we saw in Australia. His batting allows the team walk in with an additional spinner or pacemaker. Expect some game To change innings by him in the summer.”

Correct recording selection will be key to success.

“As long as Shubman, Rohit, Virat, Cheteshwar and die other batsmen get their shot selection right, India will get enough runs on the board,” he concluded.

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