X (Formerly Known as Twitter) to Collect Users’ Biometric Data and Employment/Education History: New Privacy Policy

X to Collect Users’ Biometric Data and Job/Education History

In a recent update to its privacy policy, X, formerly known as Twitter, has announced its intention to start collecting users’ biometric data, as well as their job and education history. This new policy, which was first reported by Bloomberg, is set to take effect on September 29.

Collecting Biometric Data for Safety and Security

“Based on your consent, we may collect and use your biometric information for safety, security, and identification purposes,” states the updated policy. While X has not specifically defined what it means by biometric information, it is generally understood to include physical characteristics such as faces or fingerprints. However, X has not provided any specific details on how it plans to collect this data.

Biometrics for Premium Users

According to Bloomberg, X has informed that the collection of biometric data is aimed at premium users, who will have the option to submit their government ID and an image to add an extra layer of verification. Bloomberg also reports that biometric data may be extracted from both the ID and the image for matching purposes. X believes that this move will help combat impersonation attempts and enhance platform security by linking accounts to real individuals.

Lawsuit Alleging Wrongful Biometric Data Capture

X was recently named in a proposed class action lawsuit accusing the company of wrongfully capturing, storing, and using biometric data of Illinois residents, such as facial scans, without obtaining proper consent. This lawsuit claims that X has not adequately informed individuals about its practice of collecting and storing biometric identifiers present in photographs containing faces.

Storing Employment and Education History

The updated policy additionally states that X will begin storing users’ employment and education history. This information will be utilized to recommend potential jobs, share with potential employers, enable employers to find candidates, and display more relevant advertising to users.

Linked to X’s Hiring Initiative

This move may be connected to X’s beta feature that allows verified organizations to post job listings on their profiles. In line with this initiative, X has also launched an official account named @XHiring. These efforts form part of X’s overall plan, led by Musk, to transform the platform into an “everything app.”

X has not responded to AsumeTech’s request for comment regarding these changes.

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