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X-Men’s Nightcrawler just became a mutant prophet thanks to Marvel’s Judas


ATTENTION: the following contains important spoilers for Way of X # 5, available now from Marvel.

Nightcrawler has been a long time one of the more introspective mutants among its peers, e Way of X saw hers latest voyage of self-discovery becomes a search for also a unifying mutant religion. Unfortunately, this was undermined by the surprising reappearance of assault, who has already sewn discord in all Krakoa without ever really revealing itself.

And in Way of X #5 by Si Spurrier, Bob Quinn, Java Tartaglia, Tom Muller and Clayton Cowles from VC, Nightcrawler’s battle against this impossible powerful psionic enemy led him to do the ultimate sacrifice with a revealing hand of Marvel’s most treacherous mutant, Fabian Cortez.

On Mars, Nightcrawler reunited Fabian Cortez and Lost in the hopes that will be in degree of work through the horrors of their shared history. Cortez’s proud indignation and Lost’s hatred of the man who killed her family already make this impossible, Nightcrawler’s stern insistence on facing the past proves to be just what them need. However, their understanding in grass is soon targeted by the flu of the psychic entity Onslaught, and their understanding in grass is completely replaced with hate. Cortez is overwhelmed with a need to kill and turns around on Lost, all while his attention is drawn to higher goals. All Nightcrawler can do is look like Cortez kills Lost by overloading his powers, e with her dying lost breath set the moon Phobos on a collision course with the newly crowned mutant planet.

Once gravity of the situation has set in, Cortez begs Nightcrawler to take them to safety before Arakko and Phobos are destroyed, but the veteran the hero is already set on save the world. Nightcrawler manages to get Cortez to overload his, a lot like he did with Lost. While this type of power the wave is lethal, Nightcrawler is in able to teleport Phobos back in its own orbit. And as he does, Nightcrawler receives several visions that . show he how stop Onslaught and join Krakoa, visions destined to be lost in its imminent death.

Using his powers to teleport a planet easily ranks among the most impressive things Nightcrawler has ever done and his sacrifice marks one of the noblest. While Cortez has usually been portrayed as a deeply repulsive character who famously betrayed his mentor Magneto, he too is moved by Nightcrawler’s sacrifice. Nightcrawler even trusts Cortez to be his messenger and reminds him of it of the things he saw in his visions. Although a Xavier. owned by Assault kills him before he gets the chance to finish That mission, has a clear transformative character effect on the former Acolyte.

Through his actions, Nightcrawler found a way to save a mutant planet from complete destruction. But with what he understood in his final moments of life, it might have found a way to spiritually unite the mutant gender, and it could need those lessons to take down Even the assault, if he can remember them.

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