Xbox Gamers, Rejoice: Western Digital Offers Affordable Expansion Cards for Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Series X|S Gamers Can Rejoice with New Storage Solution

Good news for Xbox gamers!

If the consoles next-gen came to bring more comfort to the players thanks to the arrival of a better resolution and/or fluidity of images according to the games, these same machines still have a major defect: low storage space! While the games are more and more greedy, NBA 2K23, for example, alone takes up more than 140 GB of space, the SSDs, on the other hand, have only increased slightly. We are talking about only 600 GB of space for the PS5, 800 GB for the Xbox Series X and 350 GB for the Xbox Series S, while a minimum of 1 TB is necessary to be able to enjoy its games properly.

If we still do not have a cheap solution to increase the space of the PlayStation 5, know that we have some very good news for gamers with an Xbox Series X or S.

In effect, Western Digital now offers affordable 512GB or even 1TB expansion cards for Xbox Series X|S consoles. If in the past, these little cards which are placed on the back of the console were overpriced, so that’s no longer the case. Indeed, Western Digital’s cards, called WD_BLACK C50, are sold at a price of €139 for the 512 GB model and €190 for the version of 1 TB.

A little of place for the arrival of Starfield!

The arrival of these Western Digital cards is timely, since the largest Xbox cartridge, namely Starfield, is expected for September 6, 2023. With all the possibilities that the game will offer, on can easily imagine that it will take a lot of place on the hard disk and that a little more storage space will therefore not be too much.

As a reminder, Starfield uses the game mechanics of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4, but this time, everything does not take place in a fantasy world or in a universe. post-apocalyptic, but well and truly in space. The Bethesda Softworks game indeed offers to travel among the stars to experience exciting adventures and, on hopefully unforgettable.

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