Xbox One update adds option to eject discs with a controller

Given That the console’s launch in 2013, players have actually been demanding a method to eject Xbox One discs from the convenience of their sofa. The Xbox 360 permitted players toeject remotely using the Y button The function didn’t make it to the Xbox One. The newest Xbox Preview Program spot, readily available to Xbox Experts, appears to bring back the precious function.

According to a poster on the Xbox One subreddit, some Xbox Preview Program members can now push X on the Xbox One’s home screen to from another location eject whatever disc is inside theirdrive Once it’s dangling outside the disc tray is their own business, what players do with the disc.

With the brand-new preview spot, you can push X to eject your disc on the Xbox One
Image:Reddit user rockstarleopard

Fans have actually been requesting for this function for at some point, normally when theirXbox One’s eject button isn’t working properly As soon as Microsoft releases this update for all players, fans won’ t need to stress about a damaged eject button destroying their preferred console. The addition of this ease of access function falls in line with Microsoft’s current efforts with the Xbox One Adaptive Controller andmore

When it prepares to release this function for all players,

We have actually reached out to Microsoft for verification and.

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