Xbox shares the most important tips for parents to play on vacation

We know so many with the vacation just around the corner
Children and teenagers have a specific game, a game console or a controller at their request
Lists. We know that some of you, as parents, are familiar with playing
others may feel out of the loop. I am a parent myself and I understand that
the challenge of reconciling your children’s passion for playing with other important topics
Things like homework, family time, housework, etc. But Xbox is here to help!
And just in time for the holidays, we have a special video with us
Tips for playing with families.

Join us as hostess Jessica Chobot – full-time player and mother
– addresses the main recommendations relating to:

  • How to set up a new console as early as possible
    can come directly into play
  • How do I create a child or youth account?
  • How to install time limits and content for the screen
  • Family friendly games to consider

In this short video you will find numerous helpful tips
to make sure everyone in your family has fun playing, but if so
We want parents to take the following away from us: make sure your kids are fine
with a child
or teen account if you’re using your Xbox One console or Windows 10 device.
As a parent, you have access to our customizable and simple accounts via child and youth accounts
Family to use
Settings so you can decide what’s right for your kids:

  • Screen timeout: Manage how much
    The playing time is appropriate for every day of the week
  • Content filter: Make sure that children only have access
    on age-appropriate content
  • Privacy: Determine who your children can play
    and chat with
  • Spending limits: Avoid spending by surprise
    Establish an allowance or requirement of your permission to make purchases

We are constantly updating family attitudes and security
Features that ensure that they meet the individual needs of today’s families, e.g. B.
We recently revealed content
Filters that work in Xbox Live. Content filters support gamers – or those
Parents of young players – to decide which messages they like
Receive when engaged in the Xbox community and what is wrong and thus becomes
be locked. Filters can be customized based on four levels of filtration, and we
recommend applying the Friendly level to child accounts. This content
Filters are part of our moderation efforts, which are carried out around the clock worldwide
Make sure Xbox is a safe, inviting, and inclusive place for everyone to join
have fun.

At Xbox, it is important to us that families feel supported
and have the tools they need to make sure that playing is part of a balanced life. In addition,
We always listen and try to address family feedback. were
I like to share tips and hints to get the best out of family attitudes
and much more. We therefore recommend that you watch this video. Have fun and
Have fun playing this Christmas season!

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