XFL scores Week 5: Final results, highlights from Sunday’s games

It was a record- setting Sunday in the XFL.

First, in the country’s capital, there was a truly, truly long beer snake. On the West Coast, the Vipers ended up being the first team in the XFL to score over 40 points.

That’s truly the whole XFL experience in a nutshell.

The Wildcats discovered their groove and stopped the momentum of the Vipers, who leapt out to a big lead and let it escape from their bind. Still, the game boiled down to the wire, and a Taylor Cornelius interception in the end zone sealed the loss for the Vipers.

Previously in the day, the Protectors downed the BattleHawks and grounded Jordan Ta’amu in DC. Ta’amu, perhaps the league’s best QB, was suppressed and held to simply 6 points on the day. In other QB news, Cardale Jones was benched in favor of Tyree Jackson, who assisted the Protectors to the 15 -6 win.

Sporting News supplied updates, highlights and more from Sunday’s Week 5 XFL action.

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Tampa Bay Vipers vs. LA Wildcats: Score, highlights

Final: Wildcats 41, Vipers 34

12: 16 a.m. TAMPA BAY TURNOVER: Taylor Cornelius tosses an interception in the end zone to end the Vipers’ return effort. The Wildcats kneel on it for the hard-fought win.

12: 00 a.m. TAMPA BAY SCORING PLAY: Taylor Cornelius discovers Reese Horn for 6. Simply over 3 minutes left in the game.

11: 53 p.m. LOS ANGELES SCORING PLAY: Boogie Roberts scoop-and-score of Taylor Cornelius for 6 more points and it looks like the Wildcats are going to get their second win on the season.

11: 43 p.m. TAMPA BAY SCORING PLAY: Tavecchio boots through a fieldgoal points of the vipers for this half. 33-27 Los Angeles.

11: 33 p.m. LOS ANGELES SCORING PLAY: Josh Johnson discovers Saeed Blacknall in the corner of completion zone for 6 morepoints It’s Johnson’s 4th TD of the night.

11: 26 p.m. TAMPA BAY TURNOVER: We start the 4th quarter with Taylor Cornelius tossing a choice to Reggie Howard, all 6-3, 290 pounds of him. As soon as again, wildcats threatening.

Third quarter: Wildcats 27, Vipers 24

11: 13 p.m. LOS ANGELES SCORING PLAY: Josh Johnson discovers Tre McBride, who was being dealt with for a rib injury, for the consentscore The Wildcats came all the method back and now lead 27-24

11: 07 p.m.: Oof. Taylor Cornelius practically tosses an interception and the Vipers are punting once again. 5: 32 left in the 3rd quarter.

11: 02 p.m.: A Wildcats drive turns up empty, as Giorgio Tavecchio misses out on a kick as it doinks off the upright.

10: 52 p.m.: Game is back in progress, and the Vipers need to get something going to keep the Wildcats from scoring. They have the ball to start the half.

Second quarter: Vipers 24, Wildcats 20

10: 28 p.m. LOS ANGELES SCORING PLAY: Brandon Barnes discovers a Josh Johnson pass in the back of completion zone, and the Wildcats are rolling. 2-point conversion is no great.

10: 21 p.m. LOS ANGELES SCORING PLAY: Josh Johnson discovers De’Quan Hampton for a TD. 2-point conversion is great. Wildcats pull to within 10.

10: 15 p.m.: Wildcats driving with simply over 3 minutes left in the firsthalf They have 3 turnovers on the day– not fantastic. Johnson looks much sharper now.

10: 09 p.m. TAMPA BAY SCORING PLAY: Taylor Cornelius strikes Jalen Tolliver, who makes an excellent catch at the back of completion zone. Vipers up 24 -6.

10: 05 p.m. LOS ANGELES TURNOVER: Tre McBride coughs up the ball on the punt return. Vipers get the ball with great field position.

10: 04 p.m.: Taylor Cornelius and the Vipers offense moving the ball a bit, however are stopped and punting.

9: 54 p.m. LOS ANGELES SCORING PLAY: Dujuan Harris with a one-yard TDrun Wildcats on the board. 2-point conversion is no great.

9: 52 p. m.: Josh Johnson to Smallwood for a 54- backyard pass, catch andrun Wildcats in scoring position now.

9: 46 p.m. TAMPA BAY SCORING PLAY: Taylor Cornelius keeps it on a choice, brings it in from a couple of yards out for 6. Additional point is great. 17 -0 Vipers in thesecond

First quarter: Vipers 10, Wildcats 0

9: 39 p.m. LOS ANGELES TURNOVER: Snap comes out broad and high, Johnson can’t corrale it. Vipers get the ball simply inside Wildcat area.

9: 37 p.m.: Wildcats get a secret first down on a fourth-and-1. Johnson has actually missed out on some wide-open receivers.

9: 28 p.m. TAMPA BAY SCORING PLAY: Following a 24- backyard Jacques Patrick run, Patrick ends up the drive with a 1-yard TDrun Vipers up 10 -0 with 5: 33 left in the first.

9: 19 p.m.: Vipers defense getting great deals of penetration early. Josh Johnson is a little off his game early.

9: 15 p.m. TAMPA BAY SCORING PLAY: Andrew Franks boots a 26- backyard field goal for 3points Vipers up early 3-0.

9: 11 p.m. LOS ANGELES TURNOVER: The game begins with Josh Johnson losing his mouth piece. He tosses an interception. Not a perfect start for the Wildcats.

9: 10 p.m.: And we are set to play in LA. Wildcats getting.

St. Louis BattleHawks at DC Protectors: Score, highlights

4th quarter: Protectors 15, BattleHawks 6

5: 46 p.m. FINAL: Tyree Jackson gets the W, the Protectors down the BattleHawks 15 -6.

5: 41 p.m. ST. LOUIS TURNOVER ON DOWNS: On a fourth-and-1, Matt Jones simply loses. DC takes control of with 1: 55 left. This one is going to the replay space.

5: 36 p.m.: Oof. Christine Michael loses and gets a facemask 15yards St. Louis requires to score andfast

5: 35 p.m.: Ta’amu to Washington for a big gain and the Battlehawks ain’t dead.

5: 32 D.C. SCORING PLAY: Rausa puts a field goal through the uprights and the Protectors take a nine-point lead with 3: 33 left in the game.

5: 29 p.m.: Protectors obstruct a punt and it looks like they’ll put a bow on this W today if they score 6 here.

5: 25 p.m.: And now the BattleHawks put some pressure on Jackson, sacking him for a loss of 12yards DC punt upcoming with approximately half a quarter delegated play.

5: 20 p.m.: DC gets a number of crucial third-down conversions deep in its own area. With the clock diminishing down below 10 minutes (and the defense playing the method it is), a number of long drives might ice this game.

5: 15 p.m.: Yet more tips that (Vince McMahon voice) this is the XFL.

5: 10 p.m.: TURNOVER ON DOWNS, BATTLEHAWKS. Woof. St. Louis can’t get a single backyard on 3rd- and fourth-and-1 on 2 straight plays from the DC 5. The Protectors take control of after requiring the turnover on downs, and their defense is playing lights-out.

5: 06 p.m.: St. Louis’ guts settle: Ta’amu strikes L’Damian Washington 3 plays later on for a gain of 29 yards out to DC’s 14- backyard line. BattleHawks need to be believing goal at this moment.

Third quarter: Protectors 12, BattleHawks 6

5: 04 p.m.: Got it. Ta’amu gets in touch with Russell for a 9-yard gain for a drive- extending first down.

5: 02 p.m.: Absolutely Nothing providing for St. Louis offensively, however they choose to go all out on fourth-and-2.

5 p.m.: A plain suggestion that this is the XFL.

4: 58 p.m.: BASKET, PROTECTORS. St. Louis’ defense flexes however does not break, permitting another long field goal from Rausa (50 yards). That makes it 12 -6 Protectors, and now it’s on St. Louis to get something going.

4: 53 p.m.: Pressley’s 27- backyard rush out to St. Louis’ 32 offers a brand-new significance to “high-stepping.”

4: 51 p.m.: BattleHawks get a good appearance on their occurring drive, however miss out on the 38- backyard field goal broad. DC takes control of at its 28 with an opportunity to extend its lead.

4: 43 p.m.: BASKET, PROTECTORS. DC just goes backwards from there thanks to a penalty, however still handles to take the lead with a 52- backyard field goal from Rausa. It’s 9-6 Protectors.

4: 41 p.m.: Protectors running back DeAndre Thompkins hurries 28 yards to the St. Louis33 DC has a great chance to retake the lead.

4: 39 p.m.: The Protectors pass rush is at it once again: Siupeli Anai strip-sacks Ta’amu for a loss 9 yards, however the BattleHawks quarterback handles to pull the fumble in.

Halftime: Protectors 6, BattleHawks 6

4: 19 p.m.: The Protectors get the ball back, however without sufficient time to install a last-minutedrive They run the clock out and take it to halftime connected at 6-all.

4: 17 p.m.: Ta’amu is sacked on successive plays (the first was overthrown by an offside call), requiring another St. Louis punt. The Protectors are creating chaos with their pass rush.

4: 14 p.m.: MISSED OUT ON BASKET, PROTECTORS. DC’s drive falls brief, and Ty Rausa’s 40- backyard field goal effort is broad. The score stays connected with 1: 18 left in the half.

4: 08 p.m.: Protectors have a good drive going: 37 yards off 8 plays and 4: 24 of elapsed time. , if they handle it right they might score right prior to halftime.. They’re currently at the St. Louis 28- backyard line.

4 p.m.: The Protectors defense holds strong and requires a punt, which will be downed for a touchback. Terrific series by DC to decrease damage.

3: 57 p.m.: St. Louis makes a big unique teams play to get fantastic field position. Alonzo Russell obstructs Hunter Niswander’s punt to get the ball at DC’s 42- backyard line!

3: 55 p.m.: St. Louis requires a three-and-out and will get the ball back.

3: 49 p.m.: BASKET, BATTLEHAWKS. St. Louis’ drive stalls once again, however Russolino is as soon as again money, knocking through a 40- backyard field goal to connect it up at 6-6.

3: 47 p.m.: A number of crucial third-down conversions gets St. Louis to the DC 19- backyard line. Can the BattleHawks make completion zone this time around?

3: 45 p.m.: No hate in between Jones and Jackson after that last goal:

First quarter: Protectors 6, BattleHawks 3

3: 40 p.m.: BattleHawks come out flinging the ball, with Ta’amu making connections of 2, 17 and 17yards They’re currently out to DC’s 49- backyard line, where they will resume play at the start of the second quarter.

3: 36 p.m.: GOAL, DEFENDERS. And simply like that, DC takes the lead with a 9-yard goal connection in between Tyree Jackson and Khari Lee. The 1-point effort is not successful, however it’s still 6-3 Protectors.

3: 34 p.m.: Now it’s the Protectors’ rely on lean on the rush. Pressley gets 2 brings of 11 and 22 yards to move DC quickly as much as St. Louis’ 11- backyard line. : Quarterback Tyree Jackson has actually gone into the game in replacement of Jones.

3: 30 p.m.: BASKET, BATTLEHAWKS. Taylor Russolino kicks a 35- backyard fieldgoal St. Louis hurries 9 straight times prior to Ta’amu even tries apass The drive stalls at DC’s 17- backyard line, however consumes 4: 40 of game clock. It’s 3-0 St. Louis.

3: 27 p.m.: BattleHawks’ Christine Michael gets 4 yards on third-and-2 to the Protectors’ 26- backyard line. That’s their 6th play of the drive, all hurries.

3: 22 p.m.: Jones and Keith Ford each rush for 5 and 6 yards, respectively, to come down to the Protectors’ 38- backyard line. St. Louis leaning greatly on the run game in its second drive.

3: 20 p.m.: BattleHawks running back Matt Jones takes the ball 21 yards off the best guard all the method to DC’s 49- backyard line.

3: 17 p.m.: INTERCEPTION, BATTLEHAWKS. And there’s Jone’s 6th interception in 3games He tried to strike running back Jhurell Pressley however was obstructed by Kenny Robinson at the St. Louis 30.

3: 12 p.m.: St. Louis goes no place on its first drive, with Ta’amu getting sacked for a loss of 7 yards on third-and-7. Protectors are playing difficult defense early.

3: 08 p.m.: The Protectors handle to get out to their own 40- backyard line however no even more. A 43- backyard punt offers and 17- backyard return offers St. Louis the ball at their own 32.

3 p.m.: And we’re off. Protectors running back Donnell Pumphrey begins the game with a 4-yard rush to the DC 34- backyard line.

Tampa Bay Vipers and Los Angeles Wildcats: Score, highlights

Kickoff is at 9 p.m. ET. Highlights will start at that time.

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