Xi Jinping: “Rebirth of fire”

Chinese leader Xi Jinping said on Thursday that Hong Kong has managed a “resurgence of fire” after a difficult phase after arriving there. in occasion of the 25th anniversary of the return of the former British colony to Beijing, on its first visit after the crushing of the pro-democracy movement in city.

Xi Jinping’s visit is an opportunity for the Communist Party of China to demonstrate its control over the city following the wave of pro-democracy demonstrations in 2019 that prompted Beijing to impose strict political repression.

“In the last period, Hong Kong has experienced more than a dangerous test and has overcome more than a danger and more than a challenge,” the Chinese president said after arriving on an express train. “After the storms, Hong Kong is reborn from the fire and emerges with great vitality,” Xi said.

This anniversary comes on Friday in what has become the “one country, two systems” system that Britain and China agreed to bring the city back to Beijing in the middle of the set deadline, as it expects the city to maintain some sort of autonomy until 2047. The Chinese president has added that “the facts have shown that the + country principle One, two systems + is full of vitality,” he said, adding that it could “ensure Hong Kong’s long-term stability and prosperity and well-being to be a resident of Hong Kong “. Critics believe that the national security law imposed by Beijing in 2020 after the 2019 demonstrations has completely eliminated the promised freedoms.

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“closed loop”

Xi is making his first visit outside mainland China since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Chinese president was accompanied by his wife, Peng Yunnan, and Foreign Minister Wang Li. He was received at the station by students with flags and bouquets of flowers, dancers and some media approved. The details of this visit remain strictly confidential and have been surrounded by a strong security presence.

Hong Kong government leaders were forced to adopt a closed-loop system due to COVID-19. Parts of the city have been closed and many journalists have been prevented from attending scheduled events. These measures signify the takeover of the city by the Chinese Communist Party after a wave of political repression that has dismantled the democratic movement and crushed the opposition. But the Chinese president is likely to spend the night in the nearby mainland city of Shenzhen, according to i media locals. People around the Chinese president, including senior government officials, were called upon to limit their contacts, submit to test Covid newspapers and spend the days leading up to the visit in a hotel in forty.

“As a security measure, if we are to meet the supreme leader and other leaders, I think closed-loop measures should be taken,” pro-Beijing political official Regina Ip told AFP.


The authorities took steps to eliminate any potential source of embarrassment while Xi Jinping was on his way in city. Police and national security arrested at least nine people last week. The League of Socialist-Democrats, one of the last remaining opposition political parties in Hong Kong, said it would not demonstrate on July 1 after talks with national security officers and volunteers associated with the group. League leaders told AFP that their homes had been ransacked and that they had also held talks with the police. Shan Pu-ying, group leader, said she felt she was being watched over the past few days.

Hong Kong’s leading polling institute has announced that it will delay the publication of the results of a government popularity survey. “in response to suggestions from relevant government agencies after evaluating the risks. “The anniversary of Hong Kong’s return from Great Britain to China on 1 July 1997 has long been an occasion to organize large peaceful demonstrations in the streets of the city But under the influence of health restrictions and crackdowns, these rallies have virtually disappeared from the streets of Hong Kong in recent years.

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“Security reasons”

Media coverage of Xi Jinping’s visit was severely limited. On Wednesday, Agence France-Presse received confirmation that 13 local and international journalists were denied permission to follow the celebrations of the city’s return in China. Two AFP journalists were among those whose credentials were refused and a government representative spoke of unspecified “security reasons”. So a third AFP correspondent got a statement. Some of the financial centers, in in particular, the express train station, the Chinese Opera Hall and the Hong Kong Science Park have been closed.