Xiaomi Mi Band 5: All the rumors in one place

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 might be ready to launchsoon As identified by Indiashopps, the Taiwan National Communication Commission (NCC) just certified a Xiaomi device with model number XMSH10 HM. The model number of the recently certified device resembles that of the Mi Band 4 which comes bearing model number XMSH07 HM. This shows that XMSH10 HM might indeed be the Mi Band 5.

Considered That the Mi Band 4 was launched in June last year, the Mi Band 5 might also drop around the exact same time. Because case, it’s accreditation today makes all the sense in the world.

Besides the possible Mi Band 5 listing, Indiashopp also reports that it identified a wearable called Mi Smart Band 4C on the website of Indonesia’s telecom authority. This item has the exact same model number as the Redmi Band which was just recently released in China.

Could both the Mi Band and Mi Band 4C launch at the same time? We’re not sure yet, however we’ll keep you posted as and when we know more.

Xiaomi has a history of producing well-built devices on the low-cost, and the Xiaomi Mi Band physical fitness tracker line completely shows that concept. Normally costing less than $40 here in the States, Mi Bands are amongst the most popular physical fitness devices for folks on a budget.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 had a lot going for it, and we’re anticipating a follower to land this summertime. Here’s whatever we know up until now about the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, in addition to a couple of things we’d like to see improved.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5: All the rumors we know up until now

xiaomi mi band 4 review in hand watch face

As we near the possible Xiaomi Mi Band 5 release date, we’re hearing more and more rumors about Xiaomi’s upcoming fitness tracker. Back in January, we heard of some potential hardware upgrades that were pertaining to the Mi Band line, in addition to a reported release date (well, release month).

Rumor has it the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will come with a much bigger 1.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen display. That’s a quite big boost compared to the Xiaomi Mi Band 4’s 0.95-inch display, so ideally it won’t interfere with the Mi Band’s conventional light-weight kind aspect. The new AMOLED screen is also reported to have more contrast than the Mi Band 4’s.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4 both had NFC support, however just in China. According to current rumors, however, the Mi Band 5 will add NFC support for the rest of the world. We still aren’t sure if the Mi Band 5 will just support Xiaomi’s Mi Pay system or if it will branch out to others like Google Pay, however one thing is for particular: having access to contactless payments on the Mi Band 5 will be super practical for lots of of us.

That exact same specifications leak also outed a potential price and release date. The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will supposedly cost 179 yuan in China (~$2531) and will introduce in June 2020. Naturally, it’s not constantly a 1:1 price conversion, so we can anticipate the Mi Band 5 to cost somewhat more than $25 in the US. Nevertheless, we would not be shocked if it released for under $40, as is custom for Mi Bands. For recommendation, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 can be bought from Amazon in the US for about $32, though it at first released for $39.99

The version with NFC might cost more than the Mi Band 5 without NFC. This was the case for the Mi Band 4 at launch.

An even more affordable Xiaomi Mi Band is on its way, though it’s not going to be connected to the Mi Band 5. Soon, Xiaomi will launch the Xiaomi Mi Band 4C, which is essentially a rebranded RealmeBand

On May 5, TizenHelp reported that the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will get a new set of fitness metrics that will help users track heart health. Comparable to Google Fit Heart Points and Fitbit’s Active Zone Minutes, Xiaomi will supposedly add the PAI Health suite to the Mi Band 5. PAI, which stands for Individual Activity Intelligence, provides users an easy-to-understand metric that basically gamifies your total health. PAI provides users a score from 1-100 based on their heart rate, activity, andmore The higher your score, the much healthier you apparently are.

TizenHelp reports that PAI Health metrics will change step counts on the Mi Band 5, however do not look excessive into that claim. Xiaomi is not going to launch a physical fitness tracker without basic pedometer performance.

Xiaomi will likely bring PAI Health to the Mi Band 4 and perhaps even the Mi Band 3 Significantly, Huami, the business that makes Xiaomi’s Mi Bands, brought the PAI Health suite to its Amazfit GTR and GTS smartwatches last year.

Xiaomi subsidiary Huami exposed that the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 would certainly see a 2020 release, though no other information were discussed about the physical fitness tracker.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 The best low-cost fitness tracker

The Mi Band 3 was an outstanding physical fitness tracker, which does not alter with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. It monitors your heart rate, sleep patterns, and more In early 2020, this is the best low-cost fitness tracker you can buy.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5: What we want to see

xiaomi mi band 4 review heart rate sensor case

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 provides a lot of fitness and health features (specifically for the price), however it’s not best. Here are a couple of things we ‘d like to see Xiaomi enhance with the Mi Band 5.

A more precise heart rate sensing unit

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has a remarkably precise optical heart rate sensing unit, though wrist-based services might constantly be improved. I found the Mi Band 4’s heart rate readings to struggle a fair bit throughout high-intensity exercises. Particularly, the Mi Band 4 had a hard time catching plain changes in strength (i.e. throughout HIIT workouts). I ‘d like to see an improvement out of the Mi Band 5 in this area.

An improved Mi Fit app

xiaomi mi band 4 review xiaomi mi fit app google pixel 3

I have actually stated time and time again, one of the essential parts of a physical fitness item is its buddy app. Who appreciates what the gadget can track if it can’t inform you how those information impact your health and wellness? That’s not to state the Mi Fit app is bad by any methods, however there’s definitely space for improvement.

I discover Mi Fit to be exceptionally simple in some locations and overly challenging in others. Checking your everyday health statistics is simple enough, however the app needs some digging to get to your exercise and activity history.

I’d also like Xiaomi to make examining those health statistics easier. You can’t expand your heart rate information into a larger screen, so you actually just get a small box to see your heart rate patterns throughout your exercises. Again, not enjoyable for those of us who like to go into information.

Lastly, I’d like to see more social features in the Mi Fit app, in addition to compatibility with other fitness applications. Numerous people wear Mi Bands. Xiaomi requires to take advantage of that user base and allow people to interact and challenge each other!

Long shot: An improved design

Xiaomi’s Mi Bands have actually constantly been easy, no-frills devices. They all look comparable, with a small black case surrounded by a low-cost silicone band. I ‘d like to see a more robust design, or a minimum of more customization options Give us higher- end strap options! Give us a various colored tracking modules! I’ll take anything to make my gadget appearance more adjustable.

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