Yahoo Fantasy Football Picks Week 16: NFL DFS lineup tips for cash games

Last week’s Yahoo DFS cash bank had three big hits, another decent presentation, and five big hits. The successes were Ryan Tannehill, Chris Carson and Saquon Barkley. Keenan Allen was decent, but Emmanuel Sanders, Odell Beckham Jr., David Montgomery, Browns D / ST and worst of all, David Njoku, left us true. Njoku popped up to be a healthy zero out of nowhere, and we had to watch his backup score of two touchdowns. The process was good, but the results were not. We will do better by choosing week 16 of the daily fantastic football series.

Our central strategy is to build around Lamar Jackson and Julio Jones. Fortunately, there are pole pairs with actors who can pay and feel comfortable. We pay a bit for our backs, but we get large volumes of players in very favorable races. The same goes for our super-chalky TE.

Quarterback | Running back Wide receiver Tight end D / ST | Kicker

The biggest question marks in this lineup come in the form of Montgomery, who left us every time we played him, and Eagles D / ST, who is a clean punt because we needed a little defense (not something we like to do a cash game). If we only had a dollar more, we could have offered the Chargers – a D / ST we feel really good about – but we’ll play the Eagles and hope they can make a big play or two at home.

Week 16 Yahoo NFL DFS Lineup: options, cash game tips

QB: Lamar Jackson, Ravens @ Browns ($ 40). Here’s the concern: Jackson and the Ravens make it easy in this game, doing enough to get the W’s and get Jackson from there until the fourth quarter. If that happens, it may not pay its high price. But then you also have to remember that it is Lamar Jackson and the Browns suck, so 75% of Lamar could be equal to 30 fantasy points. We will pay.

RB: Joe Mixon, Bengals @ Dolphins ($ 28). Since the start of Week 8, Mixon has averaged 23.4 points and 117.5 total yards per game. Volume is not a concern and there is no concern for a dolphin matchup, which allowed the most rushing yards in RBs and the sixth most fantastic point in RBs. The Bengals offense may spill at its worst, but Mixon should have plenty of opportunities to pay its heavy price.

Seminar 16 Degrees PPR: Running Back Wide Receiver | Tight end

RB: Marlon Mack, Colts vs. Panthers ($ 25). This is the only way to matchup, as the Panthers allow the most fantastic points in the RBs. It’s been particularly bad in the last four games, having given up seven RB rushing touchdowns and at least 84 rushing yards on four different runners. As long as Mack feels healthy, he should get plenty of volume and more than pay for his relatively affordable price.

WR: Julio Jones, Falcons vs. Jaguars ($ 30). Jones took advantage of Calvin Ridley’s absence, flying in 13 of 20 goals for 134 yards and two TDs against the 49ers last week. We know he’s going to get plenty of eyes, and against wrapping Jaguars, he should be able to produce. Jones is the WR2 in pricing, but it’s $ 8 below Michael Thomas, so we’ll get those savings.

WR: Mike Williams, Chargers vs. Raiders ($ 18). Williams has produced steady numbers in three consecutive games, scoring in each of the previous two and recording a season-high 117 yards per week 13. We feel like we are hunting here, but the Raiders have allowed seventh fantasy points in WRs and offtenget beat deep, which is Williams’ forte. Even better – you know Philip Rivers is going to get him up.

WR: Chris Conley, Jaguars @ Falcons ($ 12). This also feels like we’re chasing points, as Conley fished two TDs last week against the Raiders. But it also led the Jaguars to goals (8), attracting four for 49 yards. Keelan Cole led the yards team (76) and Dede Westbrook will also join. All three are priced at $ 12, so it’s really just a flip coin. Either way, this is a solid matchup against a Falcons team that is ranked in the bottom 10 in the defense, so hopefully the lightning can hit twice.

TE: Jacob Hollister, Seahawks vs. Cardinals ($ 19). We almost always use TE against the Cardinals. It’s so bad against the post (two extra TDs allowed in a TE backup last week), it’s silly not to. Hollister has cooled off a bit in the last four games, but he still looks normal. That’s all it takes.

MORE WEEK 16 DFS: Line maker

FLEX: David Montgomery, Bears vs. Heads ($ 19). After last week, we swore we wouldn’t go Montgomery again … and then we did the lineup this week, saw the matchup and its price and just had to get it. The Chiefs allow fantasy quarterbacks to RBs and Montgomery has received 18.5 touchdowns per game since the start of Week 8. With this kind of volume, it’s only a matter of time before we run all over the poor defense. (And, yes, we know we used that exact logic last week against the Packers when Montgomery had 49 total yards in 15 touchdowns, but we’ll stay in the process).

D / ST: Eagles vs. Cowboys ($ 10). We have absolutely no confidence in this choice, but it was either the Eagles, the Cardinals (@ Seahawks), or the Browns (vs. the Ravens). The other two made even less sense, so let’s hope the Eagles have some pride in a huge split game at home.

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