Yahoo NFL Playoffs DFS Options: Tips for Participating in a GPP Weekend GPP Tournament

The NFL Playoffs begin with the Wild Card Weekend on Saturday and Sunday, and if you enjoy everyday fantasy football short, the postseason is for you. DFS calls mainly require GPP tournament packages due to a small set of players to choose from, but this also means plenty of stacking potential, such as what we did with our accounts at Yahoo’s GPP gaming tips.

Josh Allen, John Brown and Dawson Knox are the big stack that will make or break this composition. We also have the classic RB-D / ST stack of Derrick Henry and the Tennessee defense, a combo that should be low-owned together at least in New England. Add in Marshawn Lynch and the ability to still play Michael Thomas and this should be a fun weekend to follow.

NFL DFS Wild Card Weekend: Yahoo GPP Font Selection

QB Josh Allen, @ Texans Accounts ($ 30). The Texans have been one of the most vulnerable pass defenses of all season, and don’t expect the glittering lights of the postseason to suddenly fix it. Allen is a favorite DFS game every week because of the advantage of his ability to blow up, but should win most of his Houston action through the air.

RB Derrick Henry, Titans @ Patriots ($ 33). If the Titans are going to pull off an upset in New England, they will be at the back of their very big RB. The Patriots D / ST has been mortal in recent weeks and Henry should not slow down too much, even with an approach that will stop him.

RB Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks @ Eagles ($ 15). Lynch was with Seattle less than a week before receiving a double-digit number on Sunday Football. With Russell Wilson in a funk, Lynch will have to see an overall touch again and every finish line to get the Seahawks.

WR Michael Thomas, Saints v. Vikings ($ 39). You really don’t need any explanation for Michael Thomas. The only reason it’s worth fading away is if you wanted more than one sure thing in TE, but in a GPP, we could also get the nails and friction we get here.

WR John Brown, Bills @ Texans ($ 21). Allen’s top receiver should lick his steaks with the chance to burn the Texans deep, and the chances are very good that he will too.

Greg Ward Jr., Eagles vs. WR Seahawks ($ 13). Ward is very cheap for Philadelphia’s top WR in a home playoff. He’s not a huge yardstick per person, but he should see 7-10 goals in a game that the Eagles could find themselves playing from behind.

TE Dawson Knox, @ Texans Accounts ($ 10). If we’re going to get a knife at a minimum TE price, it could also be Knox with our QB. He is an athletic rookie who could find snorkeling in a hit or two on Saturday.

FLEX Stefon Diggs, Vikings @ Saints ($ 25). You could use almost any other player at this point, so don’t hesitate to switch to Diggs. Diggs makes this composition as a reminder of what he did the last time he played a game after winning against New Orleans.

D / ST Tennessee Titans @ Patriots ($ 12). There is no defense that is an obvious game here (no, not even New England). Tennessee is a consistent unit all year, and Tom Brady is no threat as a passing player.

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