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Yassin Mansour in Al Arabiya.net: We are studying the offer in 49% subscription of Al-Ahly Club Company

Al-Ahly Football Company’s chairman of the board, Yassin Mansour, said the board of directors of the club is considering offering a share of the company’s shares for public subscription in preparation of its listing on the Egyptian stock exchange.

Mansour added, in exclusive statements to Al Arabiya.net, that this stake amounts to 49%, while Al-Ahly Club will keep its ownership in the company at 51%.

Mansour did not specify a date for the start of the subscription process.

Mansour told Al Arabiya.net that the company is currently working on increasing its revenues to be attractive to investors when offering a share of its shares for public subscription in bag.

Al-Ahly Football Company is responsible for many issues within the club after its official formation by the Board of Directors headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib.

The company handles all football matters in the Al-Ahly Club, from football organization, contracts, player lending, sponsorship rights, broadcasting rights and the work of all academies, and participation in various events and competitions, whether local, continental or international.

It also markets associated broadcasting rights – sponsorship rights – licensed goods and products in licensing – products of cooperative marketing programs – advertising and certification of products – transfers and loans of players – sales of new ones media – paid multimedia programs for players and technical equipment – academies – fields – matches.

The Al-Ahly Football Company represents the club in front of the Egyptian Football Association, CAF and FIFA, and the representative of the company will be present in all forums, both in the elections of the Football Association and in the elections of the Club Association o in similar issues.

Interestingly, the board of directors of the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club decided in May 20121, the appointment of billionaire businessman Yassin Mansour, as chairman of the board of Al-Ahly Football Company.

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