“Yellow” League: Justice and Generation collide in Uhud and in the two mountains

The (Yellow) League competition for club of first-class football will enter its group and eighteenth leg tomorrow afternoon – with three very strong, exciting and important matches in the stadiums of the cities: Riyadh, Al-Madina and Al-Ahsa

Diriyah * Bisha

At the Riyadh Club stadium in Wadi Laban, the late Diriyah and Bisha meet in a close clash with each other and on the escape trip from the bottom of the standings – Diriyah has eighteen points in 18th position – and the guest Bisha has eleven points in nineteenth and penultimate position.

* united justice

In Medina – the wounded will host one of his counterparts in justice in a very fair match between them, both teams have twenty-nine points, and one advances second for goal difference and justice third, and each seeks to excel and advance at the other’s expense and hijack the lead, albeit temporarily, in the hope that the Gulf stumbles in front of the coast.

Generation * The mountains

In Al-Ahsa, Al-Jabaleen’s team will be a heavy and difficult host for Al-Jeel in a bout whose weight is relatively skewed in favor of Al-Adham Al-Jabaleen, who has twenty-fourth point in tenth place – while Al-Jeel has nineteen points in seventeenth position.

The matches will continue on Tuesday with four matches:

torch * groove

Eternity * Renaissance

Najran * Qadisiyah

grandmother * deserted

Group matches end on Wednesday with three matches:

Arabism * Unity

eye * planet

Coast * Gulf

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