Yemen: 30 Houthis killed, west of Marib

The Yemeni armed forces announced that today, Friday, at least 30 members of the Houthi coup militia were killed and others injured in the fighting on the Kassara Front, west of Ma’rib Governorate in the east of the country.

The Yemeni Armed Forces media center said Houthi groups tried to regain some of the lost places yesterday, Wednesday, but die Members of the National Army have dealt with these groups and die The battle ended with the deaths of at least 30 Houthis and others wounded while the rest of them fled.

He pointed out that die National Army artillery destroyed one armored vehicle and three militia crews, and all were killed or wounded while die Coalition aircraft in support of the legitimacy of other Houthi teams in near the Kassara front destroyed and all killed it.

On Wednesday evening, the center released a video clip of some of the battles against the National Army die Members of the coup militia on the front lines west of Ma’rib.

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