Yemen.. A Houthi fighter executes his younger brother

In the latest escalation of killings of relatives in areas controlled by the Houthi terrorist militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, a Houthi gunman, after returning from the Houthi battlefronts, killed his brother in Al-Mahwit Governorate in the north of the country.

A local source said that one of the Houthis killed his brother, without any reason or details, according to Al-Mahweet Media Center.

The source confirmed that “Houthi element, Yousef Ahmed Yahya Al-Khayati, killed his younger brother, Muhammad, in Al-Ara village in Bani Al-Khayyat seclusion in Al-Tawila district – Al-Mahweet , in the second horrific crime of violence committed by the Houthis in the district in less than a year”.

He added that the Houthi element, upon his arrival from the front, killed his brother with several bullets, which he discharged into his body for no reason, which aroused the resentment and fear of the people in the region.

The source indicated that the Houthi fighter participates with the Houthi militia on various fronts and has joined several sectarian programs and activities carried out by the militia in Al-Mahweet.

The level of killings of relatives in areas controlled by the Houthi militia has risen sharply, which observers refer to the ideas the militia has mobilized in the minds of its members during sectarian courses.

A human rights report has revealed the killing and wounding of 161 Yemeni citizens by the bullets of their children, children recruited by the Houthi terrorist militia, since the beginning of the year 2021 AD, under the influence of terrorist rounds of charge and sectarian mobilisation.

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